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You'd be watching the 11 o'clock news. Followed by the National Anthem, then static.

Implication for society? I dunno that we have a lot better content to watch whenever we feel like it? Reruns of leave it to beaver and the Andy Griffith show get pretty stale.

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I enjoy cheesy old sitcoms as much as the next person but much like how too much media consumption today is fucking with the minds of a generation television definitely left it's mark on the generation that grew up with that.

As much as I love to rail on the kiddies for being retards and needing to go outside and touch grass, the old fucks should also take that advice instead of sitting around watching doom porn on television all day and lamenting about how things were better in the good old days before engaging in some good old fashioned McCarthyism gossiping if the neighbors are evil white supremacist terrorists or child gobbling satanist gay unicorns in accordance with their favorite team colors.

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OK so I'm watching the first part and I wonder if one of our resident gays could tell me how realistic this is.

Surely a couple of horny guys would just jump on each other as soon as they got in the front door and any murdering would be done after or during?

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You'd probably be watching John Wayne shoot Indians.

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You'd be getting ready for bed because you'd have to get up early to go to your construction job at 7 the next morning instead of working gig jobs from home.

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And he would have had better music on his showreel.

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Yes, why do you think they had so many copycats back then.

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Back in 1972, if you wanted content like this: (Michael Penn giving an introduction to linear algebra: What is a group?)

well, you would have to say up until 2am to catch the Open University broadcast.

Today you have much more choice. Choose wisely!