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I collect BlackBerries and have a couple of Nokia phones. It developed more out of a love for Qwerty keyboard phones and the calendar software that BlackBerry OS and Symbian use. And yes, a couple of feature phones with the number pad, although I don't use those.

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That's neat. Hold on to those, they might resurrect a way to actually make and receive calls on them.

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I live in the Netherlands. 3G is still around for now, and 2G isn't going anywhere. The thing is that I use an Android phone in daily life, so I have little need for those gadgets. I use a paper planner now, so I don't have to be picky about what calendar software my phone has.

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I miss the old Sony Ericsson phones. You had this MusicDJ software on them where you could compose your own songs. I liked Nokia phones too, but Sony Ericsson were better.

I have and Android phone. I prefer it because I use maps, Spotify and WhatsApp. But it helps that I don’t use social media that often. Get rid of Facebook and people will be significantly happier. Nevertheless, dumb phones are still good. And I’m glad people are still buying them.

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Does Ireland still have 2g?

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Yes. We're shutting our 3G services down first. Then we're shutting down 2G. 2G is staying longer because 2G was developed here in Europe (Finland in particular) and we've used 2G for other things too. But you can get dumbphones with 4G connectivity.

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I still have a Nokia dumbphone, no not the 'legendary' 3310 model. But just a small Nokia dumbphone. I really miss tactile buttons. I've always hated how I feel like a damn kindergartner just finger painting when I have to tip and tap on a screen.

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Clicky buttons are superior. Are you in a part of the world / country where you can still use 2g or 3g?

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My missus calls it "finger fucking" when people stroke their fingers on a touch screen.

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I like buttons. I really liked my old samsung sidekick phone that flipped open to full keyboard. Well, android sucks, but I liked the hardware (in case any youngsters have never seen one before, its pretty old)

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Cool. Do you still have it?

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My wife and I are probably the last two people in Australia under 80 who still use a dumb phone. They will take my wife's dumb phone out of her cold dead hands!

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That's cool. They're making a bit of a hipster comeback here in the States. What makes you guys use dumbphones over smartphones?

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What makes you guys use dumbphones over smartphones?

Don't want or need to be connected to the internet 24 hours a day, everywhere I go. I want to make phone calls, SMSes, and maybe the occasional photo, and that's it.

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I was wanting an old flip phone when my last smart phone wouldn't charge anymore. But since I work in IT, I figured I should probably stick with a smart phone.

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You could always get one as a backup device, or a secondary one. Just take it on weekends, or short trips.

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If I were you guys and I had any old phones lying around, I'd keep them. It's tough to latch onto 2 g in the US anymore (it's almost impossible), but heck, someone might invent a way to bring 2g back. The old phones were built like a tank, and were more fun to use.

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A friend of mind just got his hands on a TCL Flip 2, and it's pretty sweet. Very, very simple, at least seven days of stand-by time, and a nice, clear call quality. Basic phone, but small and handy. No app store, basic browser, terrible camera. Yay!