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You are brainwashed. You keep spouting bullshit fake "equality" narratives.

There are more men who have high IQs than there are women. This rate goes up exponentially the higher in IQ you go.

Hence, for example, almost no women can compete against men in chess. Only 1 woman is in the Top 100 and she's in the 90s ranks. Hence, every higher technological innovation is born from men and it's not because of oppression. Men have the brains capable of seeing metals and minderals in the rocks and then turning them into the computer you're now using, standing on the shoulders of giant brains, and very importantly the compulsion to follow through with those forms of labor to get there.

We may still be living in caves and trees without fire if human-hominoids were exclusively running on female brains.

That's life. I didn't create this world. I report on it.

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Considering how few women even attempt things like chess those stats don't surprise me at all. They're not used to using their brains because they're never expected to. They can mooch off a man's labor and achievements and not get any judgement. Even if they have an interest, they're not used to solving problems or working hard to reach a goal, because men have always done it for them. Grown men with extremely overprotective parents have similar tendencies. It's a lack of independence.

The world record IQ was a woman's. I know there are a lot less girls who pursue "hard" subjects, but they cruise through it compared to me and most guys. Nature just gave the male the short end of the stick because it found it convenient to do so to further its evil game of life. /s/The_Matrix

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Marilyn vos Savant has a very high IQ but her "record" is a completely false joke. Only feminists and idiots believed that "record" is the highest.

More women don't "pursue" hard subjects because more more women lack the natural ability to do so.

The same way most women lack the natural ability of strength to do harder feats compared to men.

You might as well argue that short blind people can compete against top basketball players but they don't because they don't want to "pursue" it.

You're probably trolling.

Feminized brains spout your false rhetoric.

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You have no evidence that male brains are more intelligent other than because you say so. If the social factors were removed, the known brain differences point to female brains being more intelligent. It makes sense in a pre-civilized world; you don't have to be smart to throw a spear at prey or an enemy, you just need muscle and good coordination. You do need a lot of brains to nurture children and protect them despite lacking physical strength. Our genes are still designed for that kind of world despite not living in it for ages.

I suppose the cause does not normally matter, so in general you're right, there are more smart men. I have personal issues regarding two edge cases where this is not true. My mind was completely destroyed as soon as I hit puberty, but someone exactly like me other than sex did not have this happen, at least not anywhere close to the same extent. Females have a wider range of abilities and perception, males are dedicated to some very specific tasks mainly in the physical domain. And I'm not someone whose only goal is to fulfill my biological role. Obviously that's a combination for disaster.

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You're only lying to yourself if you think what I said is wrong. What you're spouting is delusional.

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You're only lying to yourself if you think what I said is wrong. What you're spouting is delusional.

You aren't wrong, there isnt much difference in average IQ, but the variance in male IQ is much higher, which means as you stated that it is exponentially more likely anyone in stratosphere range would be male.

All this push for females in STEM is utter woke bullshit, but I don't think focusing on gender is really relevant here. Statistically speaking there are bound to be Maria Von Sants, Marie Curies, and Ada Lovelaces occasionally. Why stop someone who is capable from making an academic contribution, geniuses are rare enough as it is without excluding some of them on the basis of something that isnt related to their ability

Remaining completely ambivalent to gender is how you get all the smartest people into a field, and will result in the optimal male dominated environment you want. We want males because they tend to be smarter, not because they are male.

You say we want men because they are more intelligent - implicit in this statement is that intelligence is what you are trying to control for, and gender is a sub-optimal heuristic for it. We can already measure IQ and ability on standardized tests, adding a second parameter of gender just gives you results that are sub-optimal compared to ability alone, when that is the thing you were attempting to control for in the first place

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Yes, if a female is on the highest spectrum, it's not like I won't welcome her as I would want to be welcomed. It's incredible how so many people are so delusional about humans. They want to believe in feel-good globalist fairytales. Then again, it's not incredible because most people are not smart and not able to handle truths.