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    in the jungle you have to be damn loud if you want to drown out the noise of the other animals

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    That explains nothing and makes no sense in this context.

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      No, that is jargon word salad.

      The Japanese consider westerners to be loud and abnoxious too. It's a cultural thing.

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        Oh, well I guess you disproved it by sarcastically saying sure. We should get you to solve all the mysteries of the universe with your powers of sarcasm.

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        The difference is, blacks create actual problems and dysfunction, whereas the difference between Japanese and Americans relates more to subtle preferences or degree of loudness, for example.

        Blacks are known to be loud in movie theaters and other places that require "indoor voices". Blacks are known to have trouble being considerate with personal space when they are in spaces that require organization or waiting your turn.

        Maybe the average American is a bit louder or more obnoxious than the average Japanese, but it's a difference of degree. Whereas Blacks seems to create utter mayhem at worst, and pretty significant disruptions at best.

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        Blacks are known to be loud in movie theaters and other places that require "indoor voices

        Different social norms. They obviously don't consider it a problem. When I hang out with family and watch movies we will make comments and jokes over the movie. We enjoy it. It's like directors commentary but better.

        I live in chicago and have only experienced loud black people at the theatre maybe twice in my life. Out of hundreds of movies. It was an enjoyable atmosphere. Well, the one time. The other time it was a bunch of really ghetto people who literally threw food at the screen.

        Most of the loud black people are at the restaurants. They are just enjoying thier meal like everyone else, but they get more excited. They have more energy and that level of volume is normal for them. But like I said, it's all subjective.

        Blacks seems to create utter mayhem at worst, and pretty significant disruptions at best.

        I don't think you regularly interact with black people. This does happen, but it's not that common. I agree that it van be annoying, and what is really the problem is you can't tell them to quiet down because they often turn violent from that, but i don't think you have made the case for it being different than the cultural difference between japs and americans. I'm sure there are a lot of Japanese people who whould claim american loudness is a significant disruption.

        As a reminder the core question is why and the answer remains: cultural differences.

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        Detroit. Haiti. African shitholes. Nigras turn perfectly good land into a dump.

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        You say you "agree that it can be annoying", and also seem to have a distinct reference for what I'm saying. I can respect that, but then why did you also say "I don't think you regularly interact with black people"? That doesn't seem to make square with what you had just said. I actually live near one of the blackest cities in the US. I actually like a lot of things about blacks, but if we really tell the truth, there are some serious problems. You mention that blacks will erupt into violence at the slightest provocation and then in the very same sentence, you say I haven't made the case for it being different from japs/americans. Well...that's one clear difference right there: the violence. You're entitled to explain whatever nuance you feel is necessary, but it seems like you're acknowledging what I describe and then somehow denying it.

        The cultural differences might be more significant than some believe. I personally believe biology plays into it a little bit. But right now, I'm trying to pin down your admissions of how blacks act in public.

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        That doesn't seem to make square with what you had just said.

        Because it's not that they can't ever be quiet. The instances of disruptive noise are actually rare, but you seem to think it is everyone, all the time.

        You mention that blacks will erupt into violence at the slightest provocation

        What I said was that telling loud black people to be quiet is risky, and that is a far greater problem than them being noisy in the first place. But the violence is a separate issue. This thread is about the volume.

        But right now, I'm trying to pin down your admissions of how blacks act in public.

        It is not an "admission", it is my experience and my speculation on why. In my experience rudeness and volume correlate strongly with class and culture and not strongly with race. That translates to more of the obnoxious behaviors coming from black people because they are more likely to be lower class and culturally inclined to being boisterous. But insofar as there being this higher incidence of black people being louder the cause is culture.

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          White folks are just more better breeding

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          u/canbot is the type of nigga to say pitbulls are nice friendly dogs they just have bad owners

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          You should ask yourself why your assumptions about me are wrong. You are probably making a lot of bad assumptions.

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          Yes it does. You just refuse to see it. Are you a woke nigra and queer loving lefty?

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          Are you trying to make an ad hominem attack because you don't have an argument?

          All humans came out of the jungle so it makes no sense to try to explain differences between races this way.

          There is also nothing in africa that necessitates being louder.

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          All humans came out of the jungle

          Fuck off with your jew out of africa nonsense. White's did not come from the jungle. We were created by God

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          That's retarded.

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            We are clearly the same species. We all evolved. We all live in nature. None of the minutia you can argue about makes any difference to the argument at hand.

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              You sound like a raving liberal who doesn't like the conversation about cultural differences so you want to push this into the extreme as a way to throw the conversation off the rails. You keep trying to be as racist as possible and trying to conflate very disperate topics.

              This is not a thread about race in general. Or any of the things you are trying to turn it into.

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              Also a jew lie. Why do sub Saharans have genes that no other humans have? We are NOT the same, and your a fucking stupid faggot for pushing the jew lies OOA theory. And you don't even have evidence to pack up your retarded claim. You're probably a nigger.

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              Ghetto culture. Ignorant people are Usually the loudest

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              Ghetto white people do the same thing. I find that it correlates strongly with agressive bahavior, and the culture of primal dominance games. It's a kind of peacocking.

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              Spanish speakers are the loudest by far. Spanish has an emphasis in every word while English has one per sentence.

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              I don't know if I buy that. Who is louder spaniards or italians?

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              Spaniards because Italians rely more on their hands.

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              The sign language is necessary because of all the noise.

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              In wonder if it developed more because large numbers of people in Italy just speak completely different languages.

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              Spaniards. Loudest person I know(Spanish) would have this sudden loud laugh that would startle everyone. It got old very quick.

              Americans are just loud full stop, but just in talking to one another. About the most banal shit.

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                  That genetics can influence bahaviour is not evidence that this behaviour is genetically based. The fact that people of the same race and ethnicity exhibit very different behaviours disproves that claim.

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                  The same reason they sing loud. They are built better for voice projection and resonance.

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                  It helped them to better communicate with whooping and screeching sounds when they lived in trees.

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                  Same reason they walk 8 across in the mall and dare you to walk through them. Uppity nigras are the reason we stopped going to malls in 1996.

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                  DAS DAY KULTCHA

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                  yo dawg

                  dose tatistics are raycess mane na i mean nigga yoo cant (black pause) yoo cant say dat shit dawg how yoo gon go generalise all a us black peepo like dat mane dass fucked up mane watchu talkin bout willis nigga i cant eat dat

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                  Americans are loud in general.

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                  Dam you, I was going to say that.

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                  They lack any understanding of the concept of consideration for others. Put simply they are obnoxious assholes.

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                  They think they ought to act loud and proud that they are black and not everyone else is, it is racist if you ask them to tone it down.

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                  They seem to have an innate drive to be seen and heard at all times in public spaces. Like it’s a dominance thing.

                  Being loud at the movies

                  Creating walking roadblocks in public spaces like shopping malls

                  Playing loud music on their phones

                  Waiting to jaywalk once they see a car that’s close enough where the driver will be forced to slow down

                  It’s the reason your town has that mall that “everyone used to go to”

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                  Black people have the highest self esteem of any group

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                  They do it so you can't possibly ignore them which most people try to do.

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                  Subtlety is a learned behavior. Listen to any interviews with jazz musicians; dynamic range means a lot, as does taking/leaving space. That sort of culture is being lost. Much as I like Hunter Thompson he had no filter, volume or impulse control.

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                  Why are some birds louder than other birds?

                  It's obvious.

                  • Genetics. Biological differences on average.

                  Accelerated by:

                  • Civilizations they're in are allowing them to be without any social repercussions. Blacks increasingly get a "pass" to do any bad behavior they please thanks to top-down elite social conditioning to make people fear being labeled "racist."

                  That's also the root of differences in other topics like rape and murder rates.

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                  I read an article once that claimed that black people are loud because slave overseers forbade whispering.

                  LMAO I'm sure that's it. Whitey's fault, as always!

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                  You know how they came up with nacho cheese?

                  Two brothers were sitting on their porch in between crack deals and one was eating chips and melted cheese. He got up to piss on his porch and the other negro stole his cheese. First reginald turns around and says, "Hey Muh Fucka, that's NACHO cheese."

                  I'll be here all week.

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                  It's a combination of factors.

                  1- black entitlement

                  2- whites migrated to europe, but niggers stayed in the jungle where.

                  3- indifference, why should they are how their behavior affects others?

                  4-Some do it intentionally to cause trouble