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I hadn't even known that bots were that big of a problem (or even a thing) until someone pointed out Reddit. When browsing Reddit, I was always floored and baffled by how far, far left everyone seemed to be. I have never run into people that far left in real life. I've run into liberal college students and have had several gay co-workers, but nobody was this extreme. It was bizarre and kind of incredible.

Well, if most of Reddit is bots being let loose to spew hyper-liberal comments and upvote the living daylights out of the worst stuff out there, Reddit makes sense. Because even the left leaning people I know in real life are pretty moderate and reasonable. They're pro-lgb but leery of trans stuff. Or the ones who are ok with trans stuff seem to think that we shouldn't attempt to transition children.

No one is even remotely as extreme as your average Redditor. Not even close. But if 90% of it is bots, that makes sense.

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Yes. Reddit is a psyop brainwashing platform controlled by Tavistock. It uses neurolinguistic programming and heavy censorship to convert people into communists. Anything to the right of free dildos for children will get you down voted to oblivion. If you say boys have a penis and girls have a vagina you will be permanently banned for hate speech.

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I don't believe they're real people. It's just interactive Jerry Springer.

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That's a good way to put it

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Look I may just be a humble trans-atlantic female presenting queer identifying lesbian with a phallus(he,her,it,they,them,xir,xim,etc, ad nauseum) . But I can assure you that me and my 4 cis gendered male presenting breeder heterosexual identifying partners. Have nothing but the utmost respect for traditional values. we just think we deserve the right to be married and force only Christian bakeries to make cakes for wedding even if it makes them uncomfortable and is against their religion. Furthermore we also deserve the right to force their business to concede to our demands via blackmail and threats in order to achieve desired results. We also feel we deserve the right to coerce your children to transition to the gender we tell them they are on the inside. And if you try to stop us we will have the government intervene and take them away from you because in our eyes you are unfit and abusive parents. So you see we do hold traditional values. Over an incinerator and slow drop them in one by one while we destroy the only civilization on earth who actively protects us.

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Don't you find it weird asking one site about the community of another site?

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Yea i see your point