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the point of social media was literally always to collect data on you and incrementally constrict your ability to speak freely

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Only 5 times?

Also sarcasm is the lowest form of humour because it's the equivalent of hedging your bets and it erodes your own sense of sincerity. It's used by insecure people. Real jokes don't work with the broken people anyways because they don't know how to laugh at themselves and they have such a facade about their own self image you're never going to plumb much from them in any case on social media. Most people want to be themselves but most people are aresholes so they shouldn't. Sounds like you have some maturity to catch up on if you feel like you need validation from the world. Make your own fun while you still have the comfort for it

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i feel like all our toys are gonna be taken away until folks get right with God

and most ya'll be running from that quest.. by playing on social media

eventually every distraction stops working, or kills you (overdose)

until we confront ourselves, or we will continue to allow stupid people to run the world (using ideas that are spiritually insane)

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Are we not good enough for you?

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Of course you are. Just wish there was more activity

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My political views aren't really represented by the two major parties in the US (more lib-centre), but I only signed up for Instagram b/c those bastards wouldn't let me see my favorite actresses PUBLIC profile w/o signing up.