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I got a permaban on AskReddit. The question was: "What's one thing people believe about women that isn't true?"

I replied; "That trans women are them? LOL"

Absolutely worth it.

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oh my god lol toats agree

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Shadow banned on reddit years ago.

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What exactly is Shadow Banning

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You comment but your comment is not displayed. It can be done at the sub level by the mods at their whim or you can be blanket banned. So I could post on some—politically neutral—subs and get responses but on others I'd soon realize that no one could read me. It is the social media equivalent of hitting below the belt and is one reason I left reddit. A whole lot of saidit people left reddit for the same reason.

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Happens in the Youtube section too. Not only that, youtube comments can get auto-deleted. Happens often in cases where you post sensitive links.

Reddit also has a shadowban function for posting links. Accounts can be shadowbanned from posting non-mainstream links on the entire site.

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Dam what the fuck dude,will the internet ever be fun again?

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Wow that's so Shitty.They could of at the very least told you.How petty

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It happened to a lot of people. Early on, I had a great time on reddit but before the 2016 election the mods were just terrible bullies. Other saidit users will tell you why they came here and usually it was because they were banned or shadow banned. Check out the sub called s/Introductions . Every time we would get a wave of new users, it could be traced back to a wave of bannings. Notice how there are no big flame wars on saidit? So, welcome to saidit.

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All of them except this one. If you use one enough and you aren't friends with one of the owners, getting banned is inevitable. The standards are so strict nowadays that if they see the slightest violation, or even just don't like you, you get the boot forever, end of discussion. And they will probably tell you what a terrible waste of oxygen you are.

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I 'won' an IP ban from the Communist-party 'front page of the internet' yesterday for saying that instead of "Amnesty", the Covid Politburo deserved the same punishment (execution after being convicted in a legal trial) that the publishers of Der Sturmer got. That was deemed 'violence'.

Fuck 'em; I write what I think and stand behind what I write.

[–]RandumbZer0 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children) loves Trannies, almost as much as Reddit seemingly does now & if you criticize them in the slightest, you get banned.

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Got the ax from instagram, offerup, and nextdoor. The offerup ban is weird because its not a social media company where I was speaking out against narratives.

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Yeah that is pretty fucking weird

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I don't think I've ever been banned from anything except Reddit.