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It does not hurt to have a young adult work an entry-level, minimum wage job and start an undergraduate program when they are in 23-25, early/mid 20s to advance their career.

But it does hurt to push a fresh-from-high-school 18 year old, who hasn't fully decided what to do with their life nor has any perspective with the job market, into a student loan contract involving more money they have ever earned in their lives.

I still think colleges and unviersities are elitist institutions, and the world would be a better place if the information they curate was free (as in freedom) and if career paths weren't locked behind admittance and the high price of tuitions.

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no, it has nothing to do with a higher education, certainly not when this 'education' is in fact focused on brainwashing and indoctrination. College folks are among the best defenders of globalism.

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in a nonbitchy way, you are wrong. College is an overpriced daycare. Any job that could be taught with a mentor should be and college should be skipped. Almost anybody with a modicum of work ethic would thrive in a trade and considering how many are about to retire in the next decade, this should be the goal for almost any high schooler who is unsure about what they want to be.