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Socks, he's wrong so often I take what he says as an endorsement of the opposite position.

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Socks is often wrong, I think he is susceptible to liberal media propaganda, but I don't think he is stupid in the sense of lacking cognitive ability or having a low IQ

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but I don't think he is stupid in the sense of lacking cognitive ability or having a low IQ

Cause it's a shameless bot

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Cause it's a shameless bot

He's clearly not a bot, I have had many conversations with him in chat. He is just a liberal who believes what the liberal propagandists tell him, I have plenty of family members just like him

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    Socks was definitely more than one person.

    He'd say something horrible to me then act all surprised the next day when I wouldn't converse with him and just called him an arsehole.

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    I've wondered if that happens with a couple of accounts here. It would explain why some accounts never get more than 2 hours of inactivity per day.

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    He's a bot. Nobody is that clueless and shameless. They'd leave in disgrace.

    But Socks comes back to shovel more shit.

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    He is not a drooling idiot, I agree, but any intelligence he has is rendered moot by his inability to recognize and be, at the very least, suspicious of bad information. He's not unlike Weegs in that regard, except Weegs has good days and Socks is always a shitlib.

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    Socks has a hard time overcoming his ideological bias to view information objectively, a problem many saidit users seem to have

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    I'm trying to think of another Saiditor who does what Socks does, and I'm coming up blank. Maybe the Qtards but they're all gone now I believe. You ever read Sock's links? They don't always support what he is saying, he doesn't read them. He doesn't read the links you send him either. He never seems to consider both sides to an issue, he just picks a CIA approved topic/source and runs with it.

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    I'm trying to think of another Saiditor who does what Socks does, and I'm coming up blank.

    I'd say ActuallyNot is on a similar level, and Site_Rly_Sux and Chipit are worse, they won't even pretend to engage with information

    Or even the conservitards like SMCAB

    I get these comments all the time from conservatives "it must be fake despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary because it disagrees with my confirmation bias"

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      We've seen with the recent elections that the radical right have gone too far, that they've finallly gotten the attention of young voters.

      Found another bot.

      Edit: Could be elite sarcasm.

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        Those are great details.

        Yet you disagree. You probably like to eat yellow snow.

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        So according to this logic, anyone who disagrees with the far right disinformation propaganda on Saidit is dumb?

        You are misunderstanding me. I wasn't suggesting those users were dumb, or connecting it to republicans vs democrats. I am suggesting that users who strongly conform to a particular ideology are particularly susceptible to confirmation bias

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          You got Reddit Standard Basic Bitch Ideology loaded in your deck, nibba. Check yo self before you wreck yourself.

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          You're a government shill FOR FREE?


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          ActuallyNot is on a similar level, and Site_Rly_Sux

          I wasn't even thinking of the Sock's clones lol. They're the RC Cola to Sock's Tab.


          I dunno, his stuff hasn't been as pointlessly argumentative lately as it has in the past.


          Drug brotherhood.

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          While ActuallyNot eloquently avoids the subject matter through careful derailment, ChipIt pushes a subject ridonkulouly passionately with the temperament of a chihuahua with rabies, and Site_rly_sux becomes hostile towards opposing views reducing down to name-calling and childishness, each can well be incredibly frustrating to talk to at any length, but none of whom I'd consider in any way fall into the category of stupid. 🤷

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            You ever read Sock's links? They don't always support what he is saying, he doesn't read them. He doesn't read the links you send him either. He never seems to consider both sides to an issue, he just picks a CIA approved topic/source and runs with it.

            Like a bot.

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            /u/ActuallyNot and /u/ShalomEveryone are not as prolific.

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            I'm trying to think of another Saiditor who does what Socks does, and I'm coming up blank.

            The person who figured out that socks was a shill, Is not a BISH.

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            Maybe the Qtards but they're all gone now I believe.

            Isn't this just a blatant lie and mischaracterization? Aren't they kinda sorta just grooming people here every single day?

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            Hurts my soul, man. Can we take a break from the Socratic method?

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            Isn't it just a waste of my time to use Socratic dialogue on vapid shitstains like you?

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            But guns are scary, socks has a right to be scared of your bombings in Ukraine

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            Haven't I caught you pretty much doing the same thing? Couldn't we wish for a world where you applied the same standards to your own references and claims that you apply to others'?

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            That makes him more dangerous and more disinfo.

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            Isn't JasonCarswell calling other users dangerous pretty much just peak irony?

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            Even a broken clock is right twice a day, buddy.

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              It's really not that you're stupid, Socks, but if you can't tell good info from bad you're like Weeg's bad days but that's your forever reality.

              And it's weird how you always try to lie about your usernames. Like I can't spot you from an Indian mile.

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                That's the opposite of what he's saying, but I'm not sure you're going to be able to understand.

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                We are all super smart 🤓

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                The five billion quintillion socks alts and all of the other fed cucks that are lurking here.

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                All the users who defend the human cockroaches aka the jews

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                  solely to say bad things about Jews

                  Nobody in the history of the planet says they wish they were more jewish.

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                    Why stop there? Shouldn't I be banned or canceled?

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                    Well Saidit loves the Jews so that's everyone.

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                      Wouldn't I be happy to be nominated so that I could draw more attention to my case?

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                      That's not very nice 😞

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                      NOBODY☝️ 🤓

                      All the saidit users are wonderfull and smart 🤓👍

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                        And when he gives serious thought to a comment, we get this:

                        I believe u/Zom appears to be referring to Calhoun's Universe 25 experiments and specifically the concept of a behavioral sink. Much of what he says here is supported by those experiments. This is a very important and widely cited study that I would be more than happy to discuss the significance of with you.



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                        What's the cliff notes version, some of us are stoned, immaculate.

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                        What's the cliff notes version, some of us are stoned, immaculate.

                        A dude named Calhoun did some environment and population studies with rats when he was part of the NIMH. He built some rather elaborate rat cities and airdropped unlimited food into several predetermined locations, and put some rats inside. He expected the rats to quickly multiply and overcrowd their environment with access to unlimited food.

                        Some rather curious and unexpected things happened during these experiments.

                        The rats did multiply rapidly in the very early stages, but the population never came close to filling the rat cities.

                        Rat societies have defined social roles, and in this environment of unlimited food that didn't require work or cooperation, there were not very many social roles. Within a few generations the younger mice would do strange things. Some formed roaming gangs that would do homosexual assaults on other rats, other beta mice holed up in little rooms with the corridors guarded by alpha family members, and only came out to get food when the other mice slept. These mice completely lost interest in caring for their young, and eventually in mating altogether - even after the population dwindled (these spaces were never filled). All the rat societies eventually stopped breeding and died. In the last experiment he put the last few living mice back in with the normal mice, they never recovered.

                        TLDR: He brought about complete social degeneration and civilizational collapse in rat societies by creating sociological problems for the rats purely by putting them in a specific environment

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                        Then in his later research he looked into ways to correct the city environment so that breakdown didn't happen but no one was interested in that research.

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                          Well I don't know if I'd call that a debunking. The experiment could obviously be done better, but even this 'debunking' isnt denying that the environmental factors he was testing were responsible for the behavior. Yes humans are going to react differently in some situations, being more complex social animals, but we do see higher rates of homosexuality, and lower reproductive rates in more densely populated areas

                          Space. The areas were small even for rodents.

                          The 'behavioral sink' appeared well before the space was filled, and much sooner than he anticipated. This is generally attributed to the fact that unlimited food was airdropped in. These rats did not require a great deal of cooperation or social roles to perform their survival tasks, It was the younger rats without any social roles to take up that initially exhibit the ungainful behavior. I'm not 100% sold on the 'space' but if anything this just reinforces Calhoun's theory that the environment caused these problems rather than refuting it

                          Lack of recreation for the rats. Today we know that most mammals and birds require entertainment

                          This seems a dubious point. Precisely what form of rat entertainment were these mice deprived of that they would have in the wild, or even in their normal lab confines that don't exhibit a behavioral sink? But in any case, this still supports his narrative that the environment caused these problems, which was his whole point, again, not sure how this is supposed to refute it

                          Incest. As mentioned above the genetic diversity wasn’t the best and could lead to some pathologies.

                          This is extremely common. His other rat stock not in the controlled 'universes' would have been just as inbred, and this behavior is not normally seen even in known inbred strains of lab rats such as the F344. Even outbred wistar rats have this problem. If inbred rats commonly exhibited this type of behavior in any environment, the results of this study would not have been considered surprising


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                          I'm not sure I'd call this serious thought, I wrote that taking a dump at work. In fact much of my conversations here are jovial or light hearted as this is a social break for me to get away from work or similar. But it's nice that you thought of me again 🤘

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                          That's a tough one. I don’t think I've met anyone who is downright stupid. Maybe too ideologically radicalized or doing things out of malice like with the spies.

                          I think most users I've met are rather incredibly stubborn in their own way, but probably the most stubborn user I've met is d3rr. I don’t mean that in a mean way, It's his strength and greatest weakness.

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                          Wouldn't you say u/jet199 is more radicalized by troon propaganda? D3rr seems tame and meek compared to that

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                          I've seen things of him that make me skeptical about him being honest about what he does.

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                          right back at you

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                          Like what?
                          Outrageous claims require outrageous proof.

                          You can also say, "Mistakes were made."

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                          I've seen things of him that make me skeptical about him being honest about what he does.

                          Aren't you just JasonCarswell? Aren't you just a person who is committing multiple crimes by hacking and impersonating an old Canadian man?

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                            Gain the whole world but lose my soul? No thanks Jew.

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                              I'll be alive in 15 years thanks to being stubborn enough to not take experimental and dangerous 'medicine'. You should join me.

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                              Isn't the vaccine pretty much just harmless though?

                              [–][deleted] 5 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 3 fun -  (3 children)

                              do you mean the covid immunotherapy product commonly misnomer-ed as a vaccine?

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                              Wouldn't I probably have a hard time disagreeing with you? Doesn't that misnomer kinda make sense with regards to marketing, though?

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                                That makes him smart not stupid

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                                  I second his nomination

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                                    Carswell is certainly a waste of space.

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                                    Some of those guys aren't dumb.

                                    Jason is not dumb. Markimus I don't share an ideology with obviously, but I have debated with him on DAR and he is quite intelligent, probably the most intelligent guy on that sub. There is a difference between not liking someones ideology and them being dumb, which is the same reason I have defended your intelligence when people have brought up your name. Because they dislike your ideology, not because you are unintelligent

                                    [–]ActuallyNot 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

                                    Jason is not dumb.

                                    I'm yet to see any evidence of that. He's not interested in any reasoned discourse. Engaging results in him posting something along the lines of:

                                    Go fuck yourself agitator shill.

                                    It's as brainless as anything you see here. I mean you can parse his sentences, generally, but there's zero evidence of rational thought.

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                                    [–][deleted] 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (14 children)

                                    I can see he really does not like Jews and appears to be obsessed with whiteness and identity politics, thats about the gist of his posts. But is he really the stupidest user on Saidit?

                                    [–]Airbus320 2 insightful - 4 fun2 insightful - 3 fun3 insightful - 4 fun -  (0 children)

                                    He hugged Ukraine a month ago for being a based non jew country. He is a threat to democracy and needs to be dealt with quickly and quietly

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                                    Airbus is a jew so guess why lol

                                    He has literally went through some of my oldest posts on this site and replied to them years later. who even does that

                                    [–][deleted] 3 insightful - 4 fun3 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 4 fun -  (2 children)

                                    Oh thats you? I had no idea. Then I agree, you are literally the stupidest user on saidit

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                                    u/Dragonerne think his parents descended from some special great apes called neanderthal monkeys

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                                    That's not the real airbus, different number. It's Ed.

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                                    That's the real airbus, I spoke with him earlier and the account is two years old.