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I mean I can sympathize with the feeling, but in my mind its like 95% of the human population that needs to go, and enacting violence against a number of people that I can count on a few hands isn't gonna make a dent or accomplish a damn thing. You lose and society still wins, but I can certainly see why people snap when they feel they have nothing left to lose. These incidents are certainly a symptom of a very broken and dysfunctional society driving people towards a situation where self-annihilation and destruction seems like their best option. We are failing as a society

On another note, I don't see this post as crossing the line, and think that there is a constructive discussion to be had here, but I have a feeling the mods are not going to see this the same way I do. I would be a little more....delicate in how you broach this topic in the future, as I would be surprised if this stays up given the posts I have seen taken down in the past

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I think every year we should cull the bottom 1% iq

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violence against a number of people that I can count on a few hands isn't gonna make a dent or accomplish a damn thing.

Actually it will strengthen popular support for the security state.

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Anyone else go thru fantasy scenarios of killing all your enemies?

No. and for real, you might want to seek help.

Don't get me wrong, I'm as pissed as anyone with todays social climate but that gives no one the right to go vigilantly.

You want to make a difference go out and vote. Better yet volunteer! and it doesn't even have to be political. You might only be one person but you can help 10 or 100 people if you do one night working at the food bank or soup kitchen. You'll do far more volunteering and making a real difference then living out a fantasy.

Second, if your having trouble handling this shit drop all social media and a lot of your internet time too. The reality is that most people are fine, even the blue haired, feminist whatevers. They are people just living their lives. The ones you hear and read about, they are just extremes and that is why you are hearing about them.

But for real try the volunteer thing. You can make a real difference in peoples lives...

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Thanks for the encouragement! I plan to do that.

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drop all social media and a lot of your internet time too. But for real try the volunteer thing. You might only be one person but you can help 10 or 100 people if you do one night working at the food bank or soup kitchen.

This is real af

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three letter agent glow so bright

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You mean the ones who actually staged every false flag operation in history?

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Not all of em are staged but all of em ARE used. There's a difference between staged and used.

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No. And you should seek help. Violent impulses aren't normal friend, no matter how frustrating life can be.

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Given world history, I would say violence is a pretty normal human characteristic. Not that you should give in, but it does appear to happen a lot.

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Yeh, sitting around on your arse saying don't fight while your country is raped isn't normal.

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Most mass shooters come from broken families or have families who are clearly insane.

It's not so much society as a whole that is the problem but our tolerance of bad parents and lack of support for those kids.

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America has allowed more and more drugs peddled in and a lack of understanding of said drugs has corrupted people. When you let thousands of inmates out of prison who are messed up in the head to be free to roam society you gotta wonder when something will give.

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That what most mass shooters are. Little shit heads, that are sick of life, and decide to punish a bunch of people they don’t know for it.

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That's why I don't want to become like them but in the end a lot of them I believe are frustrated with not getting thru in life besides some being setup. We don't know the full details.

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Like that Texas shooter was a weird asshole piece of shit. He was a pervert or wierdo at work. He gabled his gma. And then murders a bunch of little kids.

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Or what if most of the mass shootings are psyops/false flags that are designed to create fear and push people into gun control. If you haven't noticed, we tend to have a lot of mass shootings during admins that want strict gun control. Also, if you haven't noticed we don't get real die hard facts about mass shootings, we just get rhetoric and agendas. And if you actually dig into the videos, timelines, and evidence, a lot of the mass shootings have tons of inconsistencies and all the videos get taken off the internet fast as shit so you can't really see the full ordeal, you just get clips that help sell the anti gun agenda. Like ashli babbitt, we just get the clip of her being shot and falling but when you watch all the cell phone angles, and the 10 minutes leading up to it and the 10 minutes after it, it makes no sense. You have to swat officers on the stairs just randomly shouting and pointing, protestors just standing around being told to do things, you just gotta watch the whole thing. There's a great break down of it by Wooz News called "everything wrong with the capital shooting in 21 min", you can't find it on YouTube but it's on bitchute. Or like the pulse shooting, the footage of injured people being carried around, they are being carried toward the night club from a couple blocks away.... Wut? Or the Boulder Co grocery store one, the guy gets shot in the leg and is perfusely bleeding but no blood trail while they walk him 2 miles past dozens of ambulances, which doesn't make sense, why not a stretcher, and you can do serious damage to the wound making him walk. These are worth taking a deep dive into. I cannot say definitively if they are false flags or psy ops, i think innocent people died but the suspect could have been a gov agent. But then some of these shootings there's no record of the victims in the system. Idk, there is just a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense. But there are a lot of people out there that spend hours upon hours looking at the evidence trying to figure it out, so it's worth taking a peak at and forming your own opinion on.

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Anytime I look up further details all I see are 'he said she said' crap from the media and sometimes talking about conspiracy theorists but never actually anything from the source itself.