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Maybe the topic/interest has grown and attracted more groupies? Maybe the competent people have moved to getting paid for their replies or are all on some other forum? idk but it's interesting to know people are experiencing this.

Though I've had productive conversations within the last few years on hobby kinds of topics. Like people actually provided information and didn't tell just tell me I was stupid or whatever.

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Yeah all I see now on emulation forums are 'salty' people or 'Ummmmmm' type replies and any competent threads are usually years old on a very outdated (often changed) version of the emulator.

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You sound like the salty one here. Protip: forums are for discussion, not answers. If you treat forums like tech support that is obligated to give you timely answers to any random question you're going to have a bad time, especially if you vocalize that expectation.

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Because most people are intelligent enough to work out their emulation/technical issues on their own & they likely get annoyed when people constantly show up just expecting answers to be handed to them instead of showing the research they've already done trying to find resolutions on their own & presenting questions that actually make sense to advanced users to actually be able to answer them..?

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Most of the time I can do it on my own but there are a few rare instances such as what's happening with MAME recently. I used to have this shit happen with PCEM: until I put that too in my external MS big updates would mess up my Windows 98 emulation.

I solved most of my emulation trouble by putting things on my external drive then MS updates very rarely give me 'Windows hell' where as before emulators would act all funky till Intel would update a few days later and my graphics drivers before things got working again usually this is with Creators Updates. You know the BIG ones. The majority of updates between are just under the hood.

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You might not get much feedback here on Saidit but at least you can say what you want to say

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I wonder if this site is purposely being blocked.

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Possibly. I only found it because I was tired of the liberal Reddit echo chamber

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Same. I'm really not all that radical, but bullshit stinks and I'm surprised not more people have discovered it.

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The liberals have all the microphones they can order yet still somehow complain they are silenced when they have the on/off switch and can send Antifa to burn buildings down anytime they feels like it. While complaining about fascism they are actually doing fascist things.

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Yep Antifa is just typical leftist double speak

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I think Antifa is the 'left overs' of Occupy.🤮🤮🤮 Up here in Portland Occupy blocked businesses and smashed up the parks back in 2013 or whenever it happened causing over a million dollars of damages to park infrastructure and businesses nearby. Some businesses never did recover from it and downtown Portland outside of the 'Pioneer' Square was sad after that. Occupy were given free generators and free food at tax payer's expenses to keep going so yeah it's not really 'free' just the cost is hidden from you.

Same with the NHS in Europe it's not really 'free' just the cost is hidden and your stuck with government 'approved' doctors a lot of the doctors that actually knew anything fled to the US in the 70s there was an article begging for more doctors when the NHS was implanted due to so many fleeing Europe and the US pays for most of it. Trump ended that and the NHS showed it's true strain.

A lot of our doctors quit across the US when Obamacare was installed leaving the 'Go by the book' doctors to remain whom have very little personality till they are broken thru like when you buy new shoes they are stiff at first till you break them thru a bit then are 'normal' after minimum use. T he doctor 'system' got a whole lot worse after Obama Care but I won't say anymore because of the Pro Obama trolls on here. Don't want to be silenced. I may have said too much already. 😢🤮

I'll just say that the 'Conservative' political rallies don't damage anything and they have proper permits and all that. My parents went to one in downtown Salem to see what it was like and it was a world's difference. They didn't shout people down and they cleaned up behind them and didn't stray into traffic or do anything weird to disrupt local businesses. They had a spot they could protest on and stuck to it and also blocked people who tried to get in to cause trouble.

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If I lived in Oregon I would definitely move ASAP. The left coast is scary

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I don't live on the coast and I live rural. We have mountains to escape too if necessary unless they mysteriously get all burned down.

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I meant in a left coast state more so than on the coast itself but glad you have the mountains if you need them

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Have you tried

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Stack Exchange/Overflow and any related site with that name tends closes your question down as soon as it's up due to 'not enough karma points' and you have to reputation to answer and you need answers to get reputation which goes back to closing your question down even if it gets a lot of answers. It's like needing a house to have a job and needing a job to have a house!

You need a driver's license to have a car and you need a car to have a driver's license! LOL. What a stupid upside down world we live in. Why can't we all use a dose of common sense?

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I have a driver's license

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Me too but my point still stands how ridiculous it all is. We've lost our way with common sense and everything is this giant bloated mess eventually it won't be able to hold up and that's the scary part as the ugly side of humanity will show but then again during the 2003 NYC blackout it was actually the least amount of crime and a lot of people were surprisingly helpful to each other. A lot of miracle stories happened then right in our own homeland! (Not mine since I'm Oregon)

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Those guys love writing essay-length comments about why a question is / isn't worthy of the site. I read that shit and think, you could have just answered the question instead.

And does Robert Harvey really know enough to answer every damned question? Does his employer know WTF he's doing all day? At least "gnat" sticks to the moderator crap... Robert Harvey acts like he's the Stephen Hawking of software.

Oh, and I run into trannies a lot there recently. Several times I've been reading some esoteric crap about Zilog Z80 interrupts or whatever written by someone with a girl name and thought, hmm, that's suspicious. A girl wouldn't know that. Then I drill into the profile and see a lace-front wig over a Lou Ferigno jawline. Just grody, man.

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Linux forums are the same way, did you RTFM? N00bz! Squids!

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I was trying to get help on Launchbox and they were pretty much thought I was nuts when I mentioned anything regarding Windows hell. I think most of them use Android so they don't experience the same issues. Windows always wants to fight you a lot and when they do big updates usually something goes screwy like for example I was able to import Steam games before but now I cannot as it always says it cannot find my account even though it's set to public and I have my url and key inserted.

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Where these types of forums always so salty?