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the only power you have is to choose how/where your attention is

be wise with it, the power you/we have is unlimited in its ability to deliver what we think about

having said that, 9.11 was a direct energy weapon attack .. there is no new information because this is it. the end.


might be the real deal, but his failure to do anything during the actual 1.6... and having guiliani as a council (guilliani shipped the metal from 9.11 to china to hide what had been done.)

seems like a lot of the same actors, and that is what i think they are, just actors

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I wonder if that may be why a lot of websites have reduced or scrapped their searching abilities? The two theme park blogs 'Inside the Magic' and 'Walt Disney World News Today' have severely dumbed their website to the phone format and both now use the exact same search engine which posts random articles vertically. I think they are trying to go for the phone look.

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It ain't that easy in scales like these. Although, I don't disagree to your "actor"-hypothesis.

Politicians are basically the most spineless breed of humans born since millennia.

Ticks, basically.

Demanding blood from everyone, but themselves and their pedophile and degenerate offspring.

That is in fact why, my trust is so hard to gain, and I'll never accept this system, as being presented by the pathetic defendants.

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Lol...the Trump in my timeline definitely had a voice.

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Buh Buy snow flake!