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No, because then Saidit would not have any users.

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No. Autism is not a birth defect. It is damage caused by vaccines. As for downs syndrome, also no, but I do have empathy for potential parents of one, and cannot condemn them for that choice.

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No, society should be restructured to make their lives less difficult.

You don’t say that people who are disadvantaged should be killed off. You should work to make their lives less disadvantaged.

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This is where the dialogue is fucked up.

A disability isn't just another disadvantage. It can't all be made better by changing society.

You can make life a bit easier but you will never be able to bring these people quality of life and opportunity up to the standard of healthy people.

Sometimes, that's ok, but sometimes it's still too much suffering and we need to be able to talk about that.

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No suffering can be as big as a woman who loses her children due to her own decisions. Its already hard on them when its not.

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You need to get out into the world and actually interact with some severely mentally disabled children and adults.

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You need to get out into the world and actually interact with severely mentallly disabled women who murdered their child.

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Too bad your mother didn’t do the same to you.

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Ok rabbi

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I already have and doing so made me want to kill everybody who isn’t differently abled as punishment for all the war crimes they committed against everyone who is.

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I put down animals, not people. Quality of life is just slogan pushed around by the media to justify eugenics, just like climate change is a convenient narrative to justify population control. The people who run society don’t want useless slaves to take up resources.

People suffer, but you work to reduce it, not kill them off. The way the world is structured and the values propagated by the entertainers and educators make you think that those who suffer should be killed rather than changing the things that cause them to suffer.

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Quality of life is just slogan pushed around by the media to justify eugenics

Very outside your home and go interact with severely mentally disabled people.

You can only releave some of their suffering, that's the fact you have to accept. Not addressing that is cruelty and causes more suffering.

What are you doing help these people?

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I start by unaliving ableist bigots as a preemptive strike against terrorism.

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People feel pain. But not all pain is suffering. Most of the suffering the disabled feel is because of the way "normal people" think.

By your logic we can end poverty by killing the poor too.

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Animals are food. Human life is sacred, and anybody who thinks human life is disposable needs to be disposed of without even so much as a trial. This post is already a confession of guilt so all we need to do is carry out the sentence for advocating genocide of a protected class.

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Why should we give you the easy life? I see what you're trying to do, oatmeal for brains

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Because you give people who add nothing of value an easy life, like bankers.

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Comment aged well didn't it retard?

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That's a liberal fantasy. Trans people are the perfect example: liberals pretend it's nothing but a social problem when the sad truth is these people can't be helped. There are definitely areas in which society could be a lot more compassionate, but it's naive to think that society is the cause and solution to every problem.

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It’s definitely not a solution but is almost a cause.

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I think we should develop a cure.

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I think that they should be aborted except for queers and LBGBTQ people. They raise fucked up kids anyway.

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Say Gay or say nothing, breeder scum.

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Do us all a favor. Die childless.

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Depends how autistic. Many people with autism don't experience any significant impairments. What should be prevented is people who are likely to abuse or neglect their kids. Unhinged people with personality disorders like BOD, ASPD, NPD. People prone to anger. People who've abused or neglected animals. People on particularly low incomes. People with genetic problems that have a high chance of being inherited. But no. Apparently that's Hitlerism and goes against human rights

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The same people making this argument, would have grasping at any straw to find a pretext to keep you from being born. Except in your case, they would’ve been justified in doing so. It is your kind that needs to be systematically eliminated before birth.

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See, there are some good reasons. I knew I could convert someone to my beliefs

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I am not talking about abortion. I’m talking about keeping sperm from reaching the egg to begin with.

The best way to reduce the risk of babies with “birth defects” is to make homosexuality mandatory. How do you know that some of these “birth defects“ aren’t actually steps towards the evolution of post human sentient species?

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Because homosexuality is a mental health issue

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M-nt-l -lln-ss is hate speech and a racket.

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Are you mentally ill?

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Project much?

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Just a deduction

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You deduced wrong. You confuse the straw men and women of your own degenerate imagination with actual people.

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Yes it should be. And no it isn't fine if they want to, when Mongo needs help either as a child or adult, the taxpayers should not be on the hook to give it services because the parents felt like raising a defective child.

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Just for that, I support the extermination of every demographic group you belong to because you belong to it.

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You are assuming that I would give two fucks about people just because they happen to share a single abstract categorization with me. I don't, I only care about me

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Can autism even be diagnosed prenatally?

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No. That is eugenics and frowned upon. I can understand how parents may consider just how impaired a child can be and make the decision not to bring them into a world where they will suffer every day and be 100% dependent for life. However, I saw video of this kid who was born with a very rare skin condition where his nerves are constantly exposed. He required excruciatingly painful baths every day to fight off infection. His day to day life is nothing but pain and was expected to die before he reached 5. He's a teenager now and attends school. Nothing wrong with him mentally and he's a good student, so all the more tragic that he knows this is his life and will likely end short. He and his parents go through hell every day, but this kid still has a lust for life. It's equally heartbreaking and inspiring.

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Eugenics is when people control who can reproduce to change the genes present in the population.

Parents individually choosing to have a child or not based on an illness it has is not eugenics.

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It is eugenics and it's a good thing.

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Similar though, no? If you test the fetus and find that it may not be viable or it will be born with disabilities and decide to abort, you're practicing a form of eugenics.

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You write that as if a normal persons life isn't fraught with challenge or that living should be easy. This is a slippery slope to say nothing of the stop all medical progress would gradually make in understanding these conditions as policies to encourage this would proliferate. When one goes down this path of eugenics, you eventually have the state taking license to define who is deficient and who isn't, not a particularly appealing thing as governments are generally monstrous organizational entities hell bent in manipulating and controlling their people. All you'd need is one person to interpret or rewrite existing policy to enable them to sterilize or execute the parents as well for carrying the genetic "deficiencies" which led to their child's condition for life to really get challenging.

Perhaps the next person fine tunes that system to cull obviously "deficient" individuals, they'll want to keep the program operational and funded, so they'll justify expanding the criteria of termination eligibility. Soldiers returning from war with physical and mental injuries would be denied physical, psychological/psychiatric service with the state showing a marked preference for quick, expedient, and cost effective alternative in euthanasia. Children who fail to perform at certain levels of proficiency would be identified in school, more closely scrutinized, and marked for later sterilization, or termination, if they don't accomplish a minimal level of achievement by a certain age.

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This isn't what eugenics is.

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Eugenics would actually be a benefit to society if it was used to combat white Christian heterosexual terrorism.

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I think you should be put to death for advocating genocide and infanticide.

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