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The arrival of Jesus!

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He arrived on the Tornado bus line last week.

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I think the thing I long the most are the people I lost. I miss a lot of my friends. It makes me value the ones I still have...

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Just don't let archons trick you when they impersonate the ones you lost. Which is something they do all the time.

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A family.

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Yes. A family would be so great.

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Yeah I'm cruising into old age alone and it's going to suck. I'm going to end up in a home with fat nigger nurses beating the shit out of me and nobody visiting.

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That’s exactly my worse night mare. I’m hoping to get money together and have a few surrogates soon.

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A White only nation

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Yes. This would be good. But Hispanics are okay too.

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I think Hispanics are considered white, but not Caucasian.

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I get along well with lots of Hispanics.

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There's simply way too much diversity among us to be considered a single race. Hybrids would be a lot closer.

I'm like 70% white, 30% native blood, for example.

When I was a kid I used to hang out with a group of a black guy, a very white kid, an Arab, an Asian and me and we all got along just fine. We used to snark racist jokes at each other but I didn't even notice the incredible ethnic diversity until much later hahaha.

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I understand what your saying. I have had lots of friends of different races, but black culture needs to be canceled. They think they are outlaws. All of us, including them would be better of as “not outlaws”.

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White hispanics, in my experience tend to be good people, like most Europeans.

We should have a white nation of all Europeans and their descendants. I think the days of arguing Irish vs English vs Romanian vs Spanish etc is over. The White race. White unity at every opportunity, the way Hitler envisioned.

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Hitler was more of a German nationalist, IMO.

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Well he did want to build a highway to connect all Whites from Scandinavia thru Russia, but yes he was also a nationalist.

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Some hispanics are White, Spanish, some are not Native American (Aztec, Mayan, etc.). I am perfectly fine with the White hispanics, common roots and common culture.

We only have to look at Mexico to see what absolute shit the Indians would cause our nations to become.

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I’m not sure Mexico was in dire straights prior to the US.

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When do you think it was doing well? Back in the Aztec majority, cannibal days?

They did have one of the largest markets in the world, selling everything from feathers to dried fetus snacks.

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I’m not too knowledgeable yea n South American history. But sure, Aztecs weren’t doing that bad.

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Aztecs were cannibals. Hernan Cortez wrote extensively in his journals about them. They essentially ran Mexico but their king had prophesized of Cortez arriving down to the day and how he would appear, he kept it secret mostly but relinquished control to Cortez.

The other Aztecs revolted and the war began, they were shitty warriors compared to the Spaniards, small and weaker. The Spaniards with a few thousand killed hundreds of thousands. The journals are almost comical.

Back to the Aztecs, they had theaters in Mexico city were you could watch torture, rooms made of baby bones, were you could watch babies of other tribes tortured. They were awful

If you ever wonder why the cartels are so nasty and violent, realize those are the same people.

Cortez should have wiped them out completely but he was a devout Christian and refused to attack anyone who converted to Christianity and that is why Aztec descendants remain today.

As for the other tribes, most of them converted fast. Cuba for example, the men simply surrendered themselves as slaves, their attractive women became Spanish wives and the old/ugly became servants. Same for Cozumel, Puerto Rico and the other islands.

Very fascinating stuff

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That is very interesting. Thank you 🙏 for sharing.

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An emotional support weasel.

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I can stand by this.

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I can stand by this.

The wait is interminable... I prefer to sit

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For the universe to power off.

And if you don't know why, you must be unaware of the truth that it's really a rat race mind control program. It isn't even real. And it's 99.9% miserable and evil.

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We are programmed (evolved) to overcome difficulties. It's what gives us purpose.

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We tell ourselves things like that to cope.

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So you think our purpose is for another's amusement?

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We are here for Good - to serve one another but our purpose has been usurped.

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We are here for bad reasons, the world itself is just awful, stop trying to justify it.

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the world itself is just awful

Maybe not so for the few who control the many

We are here for bad reasons

We do not control the reasons why we were put here, but we can turn things in our favor with a collective mind shift

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No, even for the luckiest few it's still terrible. They're still stuck in a near-inescapable prison even if their fate is positive. But we're so used to this that we don't even account for it.

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No, even for the luckiest few it's still terrible. They're still stuck in a near-inescapable prison even if their fate is positive. But we're so used to this that we don't even account for it.

Note the "Maybe" in my reply above.

If so, it is all the more reason why the few ie the 1%, should cease to distract the collective mind shift from taking place, nay they should be facilitating the mind shift, as it would benefit all 100%, not just the 99%.

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Nice plan, but you're falling for those "collective consciousness" lies. That's just yet another trick to keep you enslaved and brainwashed. It's basically spiritual socialism, where only the make-believe collective entity matters and the individual has no rights beyond what it can provide for the collective. You're also falling for "we create our reality"; it is absolutely clear that malevolent forces create it, just by its very nature, and the fact that we can manipulate very little of it. If this were really in our interest it would be a heck of a lot better.

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I don't know. I'm certainly very skeptical of any supposed purpose in this realm. It could be something like in the video "Uncanny Mr. Mario", or the Truman show. I don't buy the "loosh" theory, because resource limitation is itself an aspect of this realm. I am quite sure though that whoever is in charge is malevolent.

I certainly think we can find purposes and missions during our time here, to make the best of it. But if you're ever told that you're meant to be here because of some purpose or "mission", or so you can "learn", I would get the hell out of there. None of those things make any sense. If everyone keeps coming back to do these "missions" all the time, then those missions aren't accomplishing anything. Learning is pointless if you won't be able to remember any of it. And you're gullible if you think life is pleasant; even if it were, it's still an enslavement to fate. They are watching your every move and have a script that predetermines much of your life; no matter what you do it'll somehow find a way. I even caught an endless loop going on in mine. Life has pleasant moments for the lucky ones, but the rest is all misery. Another common one is "you have to go back to correct the bad things you did!". But that will only result in you doing even more bad things, and you can't fix what you can't change, let alone what you don't even remember doing.

Do be aware that these beings can impersonate anything and give you false visions. 99% of people will fall for this trick, because they don't understand or aren't used to this being possible. So if everyone you know who has died and "Jesus" and "God" appear and tell you bullshit...we're used to assuming that because it appears to be them, IT HAS TO BE. But that is not so. They can even show you "heaven" and "hell" or whatever kind of afterlife you believe in. They can be very convincing, so look out! Most "spirit guides" are also them, and people who used to be close to one have even been physically harmed by them after finding this stuff out.

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Interesting take. What is there to gain from a malevolent force or being that is enslaving people?

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I don't know. But the longer I live the more sure I am that this is the case. Just look at the way the world works and you can see it.

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Perception is reality.

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Mindset seals fate
Realize from 0:45 - 1:20 of this video
1. We are right now in elite Dom 2.0 shackled only by our own mindset
2. Before elite Dom 3.0 arrives (@1:25), freedom is but a mindset change away
3. The "elite" @ the usurpers are flooding us with noise - endless & escalating distractions - to mind gatekeep us from our usurper-free Dom

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Or at least it should be

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Purpose is serving The Lord. Everything else is selfish worldly crap.

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Why does He need us to serve?

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Yeah, this is the problem with that mentality. If a "God" needs us to "serve" in the way we think of it, perhaps we should reconsider if it's actually who we think it is. This is another example of playing the linguistics game, because we have to remember that slavery and peasantry were normal in the ancient world; so phrases like "serve the Lord" undoubtedly invoked a different image in the minds of antiquity. And many of those terms can refer to any type of work, not just slavery or employment. Another problem is a lot of these "serve the Lord" types put so much emphasis on that that they forget how to do it.

Unfortunately social mammals have a strong primal desire for a ruthless dictator as long as it's in their favor. So a lot of people want a mean god who will exalt them and brutally slay and torment their enemies. Which is exactly why the writers of the Old Testament made up fake stories about genociding all the Canaanites and looting their land and goods (ironically it turns out they are Canaanites).

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Someone has to bring him His drinks, appetizers, supper and desert. Come on man!🤣

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I don't think he needs any help with that.

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I was just trying to entertain this numbnuts commenter!😜

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I was trying to engage in thought with you. I was asking you this question to see if you thought of God as authoritarian or loving, or both? Can He be both?

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The Bible says he is both.

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It also says he is neither. It says he's however the writer envisions him.

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    Or jew

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    You think everyone is a Jew.

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    Like our savior Jesus.

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    A luxury catamaran. Like a Sunreef 70 sailing.

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    3.0 2007 spec b

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    1. world peace
    2. no censorship nor corruption
    3. make all people smart and civil and stable
    4. be young and fit again
    5. have my dream girl and six figures again (or more)
    6. have a decent home, workshop, garden, vehicles, and a big stash of wealth and drugs - and a production studio

    But then I'd have nothing to complain about and no motives for making movies in my studio. I guess I could just kick back and read some books.

    And a time machine, invisible powers, ability to fly, super strength, and super powers.

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    So basically you want this world to go away.

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    The original post is a retarded fantasy. I indulged.
    You seem to be simply retarded, and ruined it. I won't indulge you further.

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    How did I ruin it? By pointing out how the universe keeps it from you? By criticizing the world? I'd think you should be excited about the possibility of it actually coming true.

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    It's obviously fantasy.

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    All the gold in the world, hidden in 3,000 separate bunkers that are carved into bed rock.

    The bunkers must have very specific specifications, including well water that is accessible just by walking down that low. A shit ton of guns, and clean air, and a way to provide food, like cave mushrooms or something, nuclear power.

    I want slaves. Like sex slaves, and worker slaves.

    Totally sustainable, and complete unknown to the rest of the world.

    And about 50 billion dollars, so I can invest in non conventional technology. Like alien recreation vehicles. Stuff like that.

    I want immortality.


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    Ok but you are now a transgender woman with a lopped-off dick.

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    What about my balls? I already have several children. I would probably take that bet, but important hormones come from my nuts, for health.

    Could you imagine making such an impact on humanity?

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    Dick and balls, you are neutered basically. You made a deal with The Devil to get what you want, so he neutered you and turned you into a transgender woman.

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    Deal with the devil?

    And you mean a vagina, or like flat with a tube to piss?

    I doubt my contributions to this earth will be more than this.

    I’d probabaly take it?

    [–]WoodyWoodPecker 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

    Flat like a nullio with a tube to piss.

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    I’d prob live with it.

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    Didn't you know? Most "transgender women" now like their "girl dick" and call it cute names.

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    A 5000 sqft house in Birmingham Alabama

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    An end to the loop of painful memories auto-replaying in my mind. From the moment I arise to the moment I fall asleep, perpetual recall of the humiliation and defeat at the words of my father (and countless others since), angering and driving me further into isolation and mania. How are you supposed to fight a war when the enemy is your own mind.

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    Some fucking cocaine mate