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I'm not a christian, so I think it's not "wrong" per se, but it is abnormal.

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Is homosexuality wrong

If there was a pill one could take to cure homosexuality, would it always be taken?

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    If someone in this hypothetical would refuse such a treatment, what would that tell you about them?

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      And they like it why?

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        You're clearly a faggot so why don't you tell me?

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          Well then take this advice: since homosexuality is so obviously and patently wrong you can easily conclude that you have no ability to discern right from wrong on your own. So rather than asking an internet forum to gaslight you into thinking your addiction to mental masturbation is anything but fruitless, find a group that already believes homosexuality is wrong and adopt their code of ethics.

          Stick with it for a decade and then you might have developed enough of a conception of right and wrong that you can start again with moral questions that aren't already so obvious.

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            I wish there was a pill to cure gender dysphoria. Being gay never hurt anyone.

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            It's a bit disgusting among men and not my thing, but each to their own. It's not immoral.

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            Either there is a Creator, or there is not. If there is, you can observe that the vagina and penis are made for each other. If there is no Creator, moral nihilism is true.

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            But what if the world and the flesh are bad?

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            Then whoever created them is bad. But if you are mistaken on this point, you are guilty of blasphemy.

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            I neither know nor care who originally created it. If it was ever good, it was usurped and corrupted. If you go back to ancient times you'll find a lot of people actually believed that the devil rules or even made the universe. And it's evident by its very nature that they are correct. Unfortunately the establishment always finds ways to suppress that information.

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            Black and white?

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              Yes, elaborate.

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                So, this is just a survey? Black and white? Right or wrong?

                It may be wrong for a person, wrong for a society, but also acceptable for a person or a society. I personally don't think it's normal, but I don't think that mean it is "wrong" for that individual or even society, any more than for those who choose not to have children or those who are asexual. There will always be outliers.

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                Is it wrong to try putting the square peg in the circle hole? Yes.

                But people change their definition of "wrong" depending on what they want the answer to be.

                I used to be sure that people should be allowed to do what they want, but now I see where that gets society and it is pretty horrific. We are literally mind fucking young children and destroying them in the most horrific way and this road absolutely started with gay acceptance.

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                No it didn't, it started with the woke left and you know it. And now you just want to say you're a fascist who hates gay people to push their buttons.

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                I don't hate gay people. They just want love. I just want love. We all just want to cuddle up with a young attractive person who gets our bodies hot, smell the alluring sweat and pheromones eminating from their body as they react to the flood of hormones triggered by their mutual attraction.

                I can dig it.

                But that lust, just like greed, can drive people to do horrible things. I want to be rich, but I don't go out and rob people. I don't scam people with the excuse that "it's not like I'm robbing people". There are different levels of crime and harm that come from greed, but they all have consequences.

                Being gay because of lust is not as bad as rapping out of lust. But it has consequences, and it is a vice. And we need to get to the point that we can have open discussions about those consequences.

                One of those consequences is pushing the overton window on sexual degeneracy. The sexual exploitation of children is a big driving factor for the adults who are pushing children into gender dysporia by mind fucking them at a very vulnerable age.

                I agree that there is a huge component of this that requires "feelings over facts" mentality. If that is what you mean by woke then you have a valid point. But that alone does not motivate all the adults who are participating in this.

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                You say that lust is the problem, but why then does straight lust get a pass?

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                I don't know what the big deal is. I found out the Bible never actually comments on it, so I have no idea what the true motivation is.