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Wow your life must be boring as FUCK that you made it to season 3.

I'm crippled by illness and still didn't finish season 1.

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When it comes to television there is little in the way of options these days. I try to keep an open mind and I did enjoy the first season of The Mandalorian but it has been on a steady decline culminating in what I can only describe as a totally pointless and boring episode about a minor character.

Even if this character's story arc somehow does become relevant, the episode is impossibly terrible... It starts off okay with a space battle but when you stop to think about it, it makes no sense. The bad guys just show up because we need some action. The rest of the episode is a talking snooze fest. I won't get into the details but needless to say I wrote this post mid episode to help with the boredom.

I'm always up for recommendations!

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Hollyweird cannot come up with a new idea and it is because they are all woke. Good entertainment comes from true diversity of backgrounds and that is not what Hollywood is all about. They are not funny, interesting or even focused. Hollyweird is dead.

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There's a third season?

Season one: nice "Man With No Name" western vibes, mostly pretty shit until the prison break episode ("The Prisoner"). Gina Carano was pretty good. Just don't think too hard about it, the whole Mandalorian concept is dumb as a box of hair.

Season two: so-so.

Cross-over with the idiotic "Book of Boba Fett": why did this even exist?

Sounds like there's no point in watching season 3.

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Start Wars sucks tranny taint wound now. I wouldn't watch it if I got it for free.

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Nah. The first season was interesting, I guess, but it's basically "Lone Wolf and Cub," but in space. I find the reports of the drama in the satanic house of mouse to be more entertaining.