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Anything September 10th 2001 or earlier really, but I think 1986 was peak America. Maybe I was just a blissfully ignorant kid, but I'm happy to have been that age at that time. You had to be smart to get on the internet, dialup BBS. Cars couldn't lock you out if you missed a payment. You had to remember phone numbers and actually talk to people on the phone. Women cared about being fit, and good mothers still. The only tranny propaganda was glam rock. You had to actually be able to play the instrument and sing. I didn't know how much shit was in my food, so I didn't feel guilty eating it. Etc.

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The nineties were ok lifestyle and politics wise.

However there were quite a few recessions. One of the reasons lifestyle was good is because people didn't buy loads of unnecessary crap and rents were low because people didn't have the money to afford more. Lots of loft living and businesses being set up in empty warehouses because it was dirt cheap as many businesses had gone under or moved out. Good if you had disposable cash but ordinary people were suffering.

Most media at that time was already derivative but it was still better than the crap now. Even the music 3 years ago was leagues ahead of the stuff released at the moment.

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All media is derivative, I don't know why everyone has this idea that it shouldn't be. In fact the trend-setters trying too hard to do something new is arguably one of the reasons modern media is so bad. Everyone knows modern Simpsons sucks and should just go back to being itself. And it was inspired the the Flintstones.

It does become a problem when everything wants to do the same thing. Like how every single TV show is trying to be Family Guy. But that doesn't make inspiration in itself bad.

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We have the benefit of hindsight with old media. We get the sampled pick of the best of the best. Most of the crap is forgotten. There's more crap now than there was before. But that doesn't mean in 50 years our media era won't be remembered for the few gems.

Everyone tries to copy the successful show and you see it happen. Cartoons all try to copy family guy. Action movies all try to copy marvel. In the past everyone tried to copy star wars. Before that there was the great disaster movie tsunami of the 1970's of which we more or less only have the brilliant satire "Airplane" which has endured in the cultural consciousness. And even much of that the references are lost to the modern viewer. (Though most are timeless enough to be funny).

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You're right. One of the movies was even erased from history (Shazaam).

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Some of those things are literally negatives. A lot of it is nostalgia, and I think if you were sent back to that time you'd come to appreciate all the advancements made since then. The downside is that we're now on the brink of one of the two political parties turning America into a communist or fascist dictatorship, which would indeed make us much worse off, but it isn't over yet. And if that does happen, hopefully then people will remember again how horrific those regimes really are.

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I think a lot of it has to do with being a blissfully ignorant kid. And I think a lot of the problems we see today is people grew up but remained blissfully ignorant.

There's loads of problems and frankly the old refrain reads true "there's nothing new under the sun" things change, the biggest recent development was social media, but that basically just exasperated social problems that already existed. Society just hasn't moved about to figure out how to deal with it yet. There's wars drugs corruption crime and it goes in cycles.

The epic cycle. The young men have passion, they go to war, they die, the survivors are strong but understand the folly of war, they build a peaceful world and they have the knowledge of the horror that man can inflict on man and have no desire to inflict that horror on others.

The next generation grows up in a wonderful era of peace and comfort, spared from the ravages of of war and the true depravities of human strife, but then just as assuredly as the older generation dies, they miss out on the hard earned wisdom about life and what really matters that comes to them only when they are sitting in a foxhole covered in shit and blood and death.

These people are smarter, they're more open minded, they have a creative spirit not crushed by the evils of the world, but they lack the perspective of time, they create a nicer world that is better than the ones their parents left them, but they fail to deal with the growing resentment of the youth, they lack the normal human experience, one of strife, and war, and they yearn for it just as a dog yearns to chase a squirrel. Eventually the older generation will allow for frivolous and pointless concerns to take the way of what really matters, whether that is one generation or two depends, usually the generation after the war understands at least on some level the horrors of it, but the last people who truly understand are dying now, Vietnam was perhaps one of the last truly terrible wars to hit the public consciousness at a scale large enough to make a difference, but even that effect is dwindling.

Another big war will happen as they always have and the cycle will repeat again. Humans will build something. Fight with other humans. Destroy what they build. And build again.

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the Good Old Days were pre the November 22, 1963 coup that killed the last hope of getting rid of the federal reserve.

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It would have been years ago. No cell phones. Outside, sunshine.

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I've been biking on local trails and they're mostly empty. It's wonderful. I'm glad people stay inside and leave nature to those of us who enjoy it.

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No one really bikes. It’s so easy to go off ten miles in a direction where there is no one.

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I’m in California. These faggot bicyclists do fifty mile long rides way out in the country.

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Yea. Fifty is a pretty normal day .

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I kind of like modern days personally.

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I think most people would agree if they actually had to go back to older times. Just nostalgia.

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I remember a lot of late nights with nobody up, nothing to do, nothing on the TV because it was either infomercials, religious, or off the air. No books I hadn't read yet. No music but the same crap getting played over and over on the radio. It was awful.

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Seems like back then you didn't have anything to do, now we're overwhelmed with responsibilities. I think what people remember best is the short period of balance in between, while only focusing on the negatives of today and forgetting about those of the past.

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Prior to being a teenager, being able to ride my bike around town all summer without a care. Going to arcades or the mall and hanging out. The 80s were my best time before 87-88.

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2150- cancer is beat, we're living until 400, and the jews had to abandon Israel due to sea level rise.

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2051 and the jews had to abandon Israel due to there is a jailed painter writing a book right now.


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Cancer has been beaten decades ago. I know the cure, too. I have 5 cancers that come back because I'm utterly poisoned, but I cure them repeatedly with the cure. Easy. Ever notice how the "elite" super rich don't die of cancer?

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Post up the cure then Mr. Pfizer.

Died of cancer: Sheldon Adelson, Steve Jobs, John McCain

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Yeah they are peons. Very high ranking ones, but peons all the same. The Rockefellers, Rothschild, royalty, and others live to very old age and never have cancer.

I'm not giving out the cure for free, are you nuts? I haven't worked a day in the last 13 years because I'm sick. I'm not going to give the world's most valuable secret out for free. That would be imbecilic beyond decription. You wouldn't trust an imbecile to give you the cure for cancer, would you?

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Adelson was a shot caller! He did make it to 87 though.

I know you won't give it away for free, that's why I'm calling you Pfizer. Hoarding those riches while your fellow men die in the streets.

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I'm dying too, just of mercury poisoning for which there is no cure, unless somebody knows how to transmute mercury into gold.

What, you think it was EASY getting this info? Then you think it was FUN taking something that's not recognized as medicine with just the HOPE that it would help?

You think a) the suffering endured to verify the information, b) the work of discovering it in the first place, c) exposing myself as the guy who spilled it on a >$100 billion a year industry, are all worth zero?

I'm not asking a billion bucks here, just a reasonable amount that almost anybody can come up with in order to save their own life. It is not without generosity. I'm not seeking profit, I'm seeking SOME compensation that can be considered, in all reasonableness, VERY small compared to the value offered in exchange.

But hey, if your life isn't worth $25k, then... Do without the cure? Would this be for yourself?

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Nope, it's not for me. I appreciate the concern though. I don't blame you for wanting compensation. Having your name attached to it for all of history might be some kind of compensation as well.

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Cars with real chrome plated steel bumpers and the smell of exhaust.

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Growing up in the 60s and 70s. No shit skins in my neighborhood, school, or town. No crime. Leaded gas. Shared values and norms. Going to church.

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Yeah man, from experience, lead poisoning is super fun. The best part is the bone cancer. I'm sure you'd like to partake.

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They warn you to not drink leaded gasoline.

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Shared values and norms

Sounds cultish

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Hell dude I grew up in the 60s-70s, never have to lock your doors my high school was wide open unlike now and it's said to have either armed guards and or cops patroling all day. The street I lived on cars could pass with ease, now the street has cars parked on both sides and no way for passing. My home had a large back yard and now it's appartments and spanish is the main languge. Whittier has become Mexico.

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The mid-90s. Before that people smoked cigarettes FUCKING EVERYWHERE and it was beyond disgusting. In the 1990s we had raves with ecstasy which people understood perfectly how to enjoy, and few offbeat drugs that would create weird moods for the party. This lasted until about year 2,000. Jobs and money were still decently available, so life wasn't misery. In 2001 the financial system and economy stopped making sense, and of course 9/11 set the world on a race to 1984. So yeah, between 1994 and 2001 or so. Them days weren't so old but they were good.

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No internet, calling my friends faggot, and riding bikes

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If you think life is better without the internet, why do you use it? Everyone complains about how much better the old days were, yet no one actually wants to live that way.

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It's not that life is better without the internet. It's how you use the internet.

I go to the shop to buy a sandwich and they want me to sign up for some app that sends me alerts and advertisements constantly. I don't need that shit. I just want the sandwich.

The internet letting me order a sandwich from my phone for delivery? That shit is great. But I still have to wade through a bunch of adds. Question, why can't I just call on the phone. Answer, I can.

Internet over complicates socialization with a bunch of shit we don't need.

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That's just the increasingly conformist and invasive attitude of society. The internet itself suffers from this, most sites now require you to have an account to even view anything, and the security is usually so strict that doing so is nearly impossible for 60% of people, and they also tend to make you give up your identity and phone number and personal information.

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The question was about the good old days and my response was recalling my childhood- (delinquent) adolescent years which were the 80s and 90s. I should have added more details.

Its a little tricky not to use the internet these days.

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It's just nostalgia. Everyone always thinks there was some golden age in times past, but they either forgot or don't realize how much worse life was back then. And I'm not trying to downplay today's struggles, but they were even more horrific before. Part of the problem is that everyone's idea of the old days comes from the media and old peoples' stories, which of course make them look glorious. Every single generation in history has been the worst one ever and the last one, just like how every year is the end of the world.

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Men were men, women were women.

We were equals, but different.

We had our own sports where we respected our athletes.

We chose our wives based on their personalities instead of their Instagram followers and halfnaked pictures.

Ah, the good old days...

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For anyone alive now the good old days were when gender roles were starting to go away. Present day is the sexist age, because of insane trans ideology and the subsequent reaction to it.

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2000, when raves and hard trance were big in London. Camden Palace was still Camden Palace, Bagley's and Cloud 9 were around, slammin vinyl was a thing, and hard house was at its peak

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10,000-12,000 years ago before we started living in's been downhill ever since

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90's for me. After the Gulf War. There was just a nice vibe. I attended a predominantly black college as a white vet, but you wouldn't have even guessed it from the vibe on the campus (for the most part). Music was better, I had a ton of friends, my responsibilities were school and work. I packed a lot of life into that decade before ruining it all by getting married.