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Thailand would like a word.

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Jews pushed it there too.

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As others have said, the bigger problem is how much it's being pushed. It's true statistically that there are still barely any Trans people in the US, however, that is likely to change. Next time you get to talk to a niece, nephew, etc. that is in Middle/High School, ask them how many of their colleagues identify as LGBT.

Of course this could be entirely anecdotal but in my experience asking this, the number of their classmates who they say identify as such is exponentially higher than my own experience in High School which was relatively recent.

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The issue is that it's deemed lgbt instead of trans/queer. Queer, as we know, is the current year equivalent to the 00's bisexual trend and means nothing. Trans is social contagion.

Gays and lesbians stay more or less the same.

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Three years ago, the discussion around trans people was about supporting a rare mental illness where some people believe they are the opposite sex and overcoming it through therapy and medication was failing them and likely to drive them to self-destructive behavior. If you looked at the statistics, trans people made up 0.003% of the population.

This has transformed into: anyone who says they are any of the over 100 different genders needs to find a new name, use pronouns in as non-standard a way as possible, fly a flag, and be praised for their bravery. The prevalence of trans people is now 3.3%.

Anyone who hasn't been in school for 5 years would never have experienced this.

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No, trans activism is. It's not really about accepting people who are different or mental health, it's about victim status and the power that comes with it.

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I agree, the majority of this is a power thing.

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Sometimes I think that as well. I have seen 2 trans people (that I know of anyway) in my entire life. Both at airports in nut job cities. But the bigger problem is commercials on youtube, commercials on some of the streaming apps. Literally pushing it in your face. Teachers literally grooming kids to change sex. Doctors pushing it for profit. These things are wrong across the board and our side sucks for not cancelling Disney en mass, not boycotting and ending this madness. We just are a culture that is unwilling to sacrifice in extremely minor ways for the greater good.

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I agree that people are unwilling to sacrifice. In the west we have NO CLUE what hard times are. All those who experienced truly hard times (War, famine, depressions) are dead. That makes this a very dangerous generation.

Hard times make strong men. Easy times make weak men.

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Adults can do whatever they want, my issue is when young children are being sexualized and having irreversible treatments pushed on them.

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There are barely any trans in the US

I personally know two trans identifying people. We used to stuff all the time together, vacations, amusement parks, camping. At least until I mentioned how right I thought JK Rowling was. A lot of the younger generation has embraced the disgusting gender identity theory as unquestionable fact, and they sit around talking about gender like kids once talked about pokemon or baseball cards in the bygone eras.

If it were truly rare, I wouldn't know any. And I read some of the trans subs on reddit occasionally, there's a ton of them. They're really big subs. This is not as niche as it once was.

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Hard to say. I do see trans people who don't pass from time to time while I'm out, trans men more often than trans women actually, but it's not as though they're everywhere, not like other minorities in the area. Usually I'll catch a FtM while I'm at the gym or the mall or something, seldom do I see the kind of totally non-passing men we cringe at online. Trans children are basically non-existent here as far as I can tell, I've seen a few starkly effeminate younger boys but I'm not sure if that qualifies as "trans" per se.

But I honestly do not have much of a social life outside of my wife and my handful of friends, and I do not personally know any school-aged children. Most of what I know about this stuff is learned through the internet. As far as I can see, where I live 99% of people appear to be perfectly ordinary folks, so from that perspective I'd say it's a growing concern culturally more than it is truly a problem.

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I think there's a real problem with kids being indoctrinated and gender-confused by activist teachers, but it's hard to tell the scale of it.

It only takes a few hundred very vocal twitterers to make it feel like the world is full of angry pornsick AGPs and that the pink+blue flag of gender stereotype worship is everywhere. (The flag thing really winds me up - any sign of nationalism/patriotism gets a person branded a 'flag shagger' or worse, but it's the far left who are the ones really into their flags-waving these days)

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certainly not

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Its those indoctrinating susceptible into thinking they are trans and also those telling the mentally ill with gender dysphoria that they aren't mentally ill.

Something that I was wondering is how much damage are they doing to us by forcing us to use their pronouns. In a workplace, you absolutely have to if you want to keep your job. However, it creates a cognitive dissonance in your own self by making you say things you know aren't true.

Every time you call Jim, Janine and use her/she, it fucks you up a little at a time, slowly eroding your understanding of gender one pronoun at a time. I wonder if there is a study on this and on its effects on society? How much does it contribute to further brainwashing others?

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It's a psy-op and it uses social contagion to spread. Now, who's behind it? I should know the name of a few of the billionaires and their think tanks but I forget. Big pharma related but I have no doubt it's a machination of the US govt. It's a destabilising influence and alienates everyone who'd otherwise be political allies.

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We need to protect women and kids.

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There are barely any trans in the US.

My ex teaches at a public high school in the Deep South and they have several so-called trans children. I can only imagine how prevalent it is in more progressive areas.

Still bad, but the average normal and healthy person will not be mutilating themselves

I am certain it has become a weapon wielded by angry kids, who are too young to really think about the long-term consequences.