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I think it goes beyond this case and Trump. To me, this is clearly targeted prosecution of a political opponent. If Trump weren't running for re-election, this wouldn't be happening. The Republicans opened the door by impeaching Clinton on a technicality, but the Democrats have busted the door down since Obama was in the White House. Where will this lead? Can we be at the beginning of a banana republic where you arrest your political opponents and look the other way if it's your guy?

Of course, the DA could drop the charges and use it as a way to tell Republicans to drop any investigations into Biden's "business" dealings with China and Ukraine.

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I was never a big Trump supporter. I was hopeful in 2016 he would actually do what he said he would especially regarding healthcare and "draining the swamp." He didn't, and I didn't support his 2020 bid.

As for Jan 6th, Trump is a son-of-a-bitch for not just blanket pardoning those protesters before he left office. And now Trump is calling for people to protest again! Who the hell would be so foolish as to put their neck out there for a guy like that twice.

Suck it, Trump, enjoy the green bologna sandwiches in jail.

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He did what he could, but the RINO party hampered his first two years and then the midterms took away his nominal majority

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The Republican party doesn't have control over Trump's pardons. That reminds me of the other thing I don't like about him. He takes credit for any successes he can while blaming others for his failures. He's the stereotypical awful boss.