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Why do bigots want to murder drag queens, and genocide trans kids by refusing their needed gender affirming care?

Can you provide any actual examples of the "genocide" of "trans kids"?

Are you suggesting that "by refusing their needed gender affirming care" is an actual "genocide"?

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Trannies = Gay genocide.

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There is non proof that affirming a lunatic saves any lives. And I’d rather see a lunatic dead than shooting up schools.

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Mainly because it's just a fun hobby.

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I identify as Lion-O, leader of the Thundercats

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The only tranny I’m concerned about is the four speed in my truck.

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No one kills filthy trannies more than filthy trannies given the 41% suicide rate.

Guns make for an excellent tool to put filthy trannies who have resolved to shoot up children in schools and churches.

Love and acceptance would be good, but leftoids lack both as evidenced by their tendence to groom, fuck, and kill children while their "allies" go out of their way to use the corpses of the children as a foundation for their tour protecting trannies every time they shoot up children.

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You have two mistaken premises:

First mistake: not accepting trans people's claim to the experience of a sex they will never possess is bigotry. Actually, the bigots are the trans people themselves for demeaning, trivializing, and simplifying a field as wildly complex as human sexuality by believing that their preconceptions of "male" and "female" are adequate and complete descriptions of a field of reality WAY beyond their understanding. It's beyond my understanding as well, but I'm not claiming to "be" something other than a person born into a body I will never fully comprehend.

Second mistake: agreeing with the trans person's mistake is "acceptance". This is the basic, fundamental problem with this philosophy and the reason for all the violence. When you tell a trans person you are "accepting" them, you are "accepting" their statement that they were "born in the wrong body". Editing that down a bit, you are "accepting" that they were born "wrong". They believe that from the first instant of their existence, they were a mistake. There can be no more succinct and complete expression of self-hatred than this. By "accepting" this person's interior story, you are agreeing with them that THEIR LIFE FROM BIRTH WAS A MISTAKE. Even worse are the parents planting this idea in the heads of their children! That is so sick it disgusts me. Telling your child they were "born wrong". It's shocking to even consider passing such a notion to your child. I refuse to accept it for myself, and I absolutely refuse to accept it for "trans" people as well. Their existence is not and never has been a mistake. They are and have always been valid human beings by definition of existing. I refuse to accept their belief that self-rejection (up to and including self-mutilation) is somehow required to "validate" their existence. That is a radically cruel notion.

When adolescents "cut", we correctly view that as a desperate cry of unhappiness, and we work to help the person cutting to stop doing this to themselves. They are perfect as they are. Why should we do any differently when a surgeon is holding the blade with which they want to cut themselves or a doctor is holding the syringe to destroy their body, which is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE JUST AS IT IS.

THAT is acceptance. I accept them completely, and I will never support them in their self-destructive behaviors, knowing that ideology is far more plastic and changeable (and reversible) than are the PERMANENT changes being inflicted upon their bodies.

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What you call "bigots" are the people who keep the world running, the people who maintain the system. What you're asking of them is to stop caring about maintaining what works, their livelihood, their lineage, in favor of how mentally ill people think it should work. Understandably, they fight back.

When bigots stand down, their world is guaranteed to remain just another star in the sky, thus solving the fermi paradox.

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    No one should accept any non-Jewish religion, and everyone must worship the Jewish God the Jewish way.

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    Cause it's funny and we're bored.

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    Why do authoritarians want to use a domestic militarized army to rob, cage, and enslave black people who smoke arresting them, taking their money/drugs, and putting them in a cage....only to release them later on the condition of forced labor and repayment of debt they didn't agree to?

    I don't understand how they love to forcefully dictate how others live, more than cherish the diversity of ideas, lifestyles, and personal choice.

    As you see, it is easy to make a nonsensical spin of most topics, especially complex ones. It frames the argument in a way that is more difficult to challenge and bakes in the automatic negative projected motivation, if you disagree. For yours, if you don't disagree, you are automatically in support of murder and genocide; how extreme! Similarly, mine projects slavery and racism.

    This argument technique mostly falls under the extremely common Gish-Gallop logical fallacy.

    You can see it used in the news often, such and conflating killing babies with women's bodily rights, border security with racism, pandemic border travel restrictions with racism, protesting against something as being attempted insurrection, conflating encouraging foreign leaders to vow to cooperate on inter-country-corruption investigations with bribery, and attempting to legally deal address election concerns with trying to overturn the election, etc, etc..

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    Even if abortion is baby-killing, we're overpopulated anyway.

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    Are we pretending that all life is equal now?

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    Are we speaking in riddles now?

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    Then start by doing a belly flop into the forever hole.

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    The genocide of trans kids is the 26% that commit suicide when they grow up and realize the mistake they made or what was forced upon them. Or when they choose to de transition and the trans community black lists them and turns on them.

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    What's up with the other 15% that kill themselves, then?

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    I always like to frame moral arguments like that from a librartarian perspective because it's a nice and mathematical. Transexuals are agressing against normal people by having them define reality from their perspective. This is mentally damaging and draining to the normal person when their perceived reality is different to what others describe and so appropriate force is morally justified to physically remove the offending parties to get back to the baseline of normality.

    Truth doesn't need force to justify itself because it stands on its own merits so the people who deviate from truth and dictate that deviation to others have to use force to change what is true into lies.

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    got em

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    I have a question before we continue: How long has it been since you were banned from schools, playgrounds, and other places children congregate?

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    After a cracker tranny just shot a Black man at a goy school, there is your fucking answer.

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    Why do you think it’s OK to mutilate children, you sick cracker freak?

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    Because it is not gender affirming. Listen to me, some psychologists were trying to study this subject, it was many years ago that I read this so whatever, Google it, the researchers were in Sweden. Anyway, they wanted to see if the people that had this "gender affirming" care as you all like to call it, they were interested in how their lives were, the assumption was that these people are going to be living their best lives. Turns out they only found 1 person who was absolutely not doing well, wanna know why they could only find 1 out of hundreds. I won't make you guess, it is because all of the others had killed themselves, that's why. Granted, those people were all adults, what you are speaking about are children, kids who have no idea about this kind of shit but they are impressionable and you have teachers and doctors and everyone cheering this on. It's like the abortion cheerleaders, ffs!