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I think it's a mental disorder which is quite similar to BIID:

Body integrity dysphoria (BID), also referred to as body integrity identity disorder (BIID), amputee identity disorder or xenomelia, and formerly called apotemnophilia, is a mental disorder characterized by a desire to have a sensory or physical disability or feeling discomfort with being able-bodied, beginning in early adolescence and resulting in harmful consequences.

BID is a rare, infrequently studied condition in which there is a mismatch between the mental body image and the physical body, characterized by an intense desire for amputation or paralysis of a limb, usually a leg, or to become blind or deaf. The person sometimes has a sense of sexual arousal connected with the desire for loss of a limb, movement, or sense.

Some act out their desires, by pretending they are amputees using prostheses and other tools to ease their desire to be one, by using a wheelchair or by pretending they are blind or deaf. Some people with BID have reported to the media or by interview with researchers that they have resorted to self-amputation of a "superfluous" limb by, for example, allowing a train to run over it or otherwise damaging it so severely that surgeons will have to amputate it.

It's funny that these two things are so similar, but you can't call the other one "mental disorder" without being threatened with cancelling.

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It's awful. No real trans person would say it's healthy or wish it on anyone. Only snowflakes because "muh diversity", and AGPs and internalized sexists.

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By the same token, it doesn't help to claim that there's only two genders. There's not even only two sexes.

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There are only two sexes and gender as applied to human sexuality is just a term made up by a sicko pedophile.

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What is a gender?

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Gender is "the male sex or the female sex, especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones, or one of a range of other identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female."

A gender is an instance of gender. Such as one person might have.

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There's two genders and two sexes. There are combinations of those two, but only two distinct ones. We've been over this.

And no, "stargender" is not valid.

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Sex and gender are bimodal, but not binary.

"Combinations of the two" doesn't well describe the range of intersex people, because it implies it sits on a line of (a Male) + ((1-a) Female).

We've been through this.

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There's some similarities between the two.

But while that might help with classification, it doesn't help with treatment, because we can't treat BID except by amputation:

In most reported cases, amputation of the rejected limb entirely alleviates the distress of the condition and engenders substantial improvement in quality of life. Since BID can lead to life-long suffering, it is essential to identify an effective form of treatment that causes the least amount of alteration to the person’s anatomical structure and functionality. Treatment methods involving medications, psychotherapy, and vestibular stimulation have proven largely ineffective. -

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Yeah sounds right. I have no idea how people think that someone who feels uncomfortable with their genitals means they are really another gender that needs surgery instead of BIID patient that needs help.

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Of course not. It honestly takes guts. People here will destroy you for caring about "freaks". Libtards will rip you to shreds for thinking being trans is a bad thing.

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It's also sad that is too late because society has pretty much accepted this trans nonsense.

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Society had accepted a lot of things. Public executions used to be a thing. Coffee, weed & other stuff used to be illegal. We used to burn witches & faggots. Owning slaves used to be a thing. What's normal and accepted changes A LOT over time. Alcohol was legal, became illegal and got legal again. Nothing is written in stone. Not even accepting what gender you were born as it seems ;-)

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I've made fun of them in the past, and this post hit home. A lot of them are suffering and are caught in between the narc trannies and the toxic transactivists. I remember seeing one guy who was obviously a gentle soul and was just weird and didn't fit in with those "cis people " over there. You could tell he wasn't evil.

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I wish we would get these people the real mental help they need instead of giving hormones and surgery.

It turns out gender affirmation has the best results of any treatment we know about.

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Really. Then why are people still trying the rope at a rate above the national average even after they get the surgery?

These people need mental healthcare, not platitudes and fake vaginas.

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Really. Then why are people still trying the rope at a rate above the national average even after they get the surgery?

It's not obvious what your claim is here. What surgery? Are we talking breast enhancement or removal, or genital reassignment surgery, or cosmetic surgery on the face or jaw or beard removal?

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Doesn't matter. Without psychological help, surgery doesn't do much. Psychological help, with or without surgery, leads to better outcomes.

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If you don't know what surgery you're talking about when you say "... people [are] still trying the rope at a rate above the national average even after they get the surgery", in what way is it true?

In answer to your question as to why transgender people in general have a high suicide rate:

Gender-based victimization, discrimination, bullying, violence, being rejected by the family, friends, and community; harassment by intimate partner, family members, police and public; discrimination and ill treatment at health-care system are the major risk factors that influence the suicidal behavior among transgender persons.

However that paper doesn't compare transgender who've had or not had any or some surgery.

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The nature of the beast is that controls are going to be sub-optimal because all the evidence points to the fact that gender affirming care improves quality of life, anxiety and suicidal ideation, so it is unethical to not give that treatment.

Shitloads of medical procedures are like that. As are most safety interventions.

In the US the recent denial of gender affirming care in some cases does give us a control. And it looks like we are right that a randomised trial would be unethical:

Access to GAH during adolescence and adulthood is associated with favorable mental health outcomes compared to desiring but not accessing GAH.

But the evidence that we do have all points to improvements in some or all of quality of life, suicidal ideation, and anxiety. Studies that attempt a control or at least a cohort, and studies with larger numbers don't tend to deviate, which suggests that the results are robust.

But sometimes you get misleading statistical quirks. We thought anti-oxidants would be good for us to eat at one point, but it turned out to be an anomaly just from random variation. So keep an eye on it and if the results start suggesting that gender affirming care has negative outcomes, revisit it. But at the moment the best guess is that gender affirming care has positive outcomes.

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Sterilizing gay and lesbian, gender non-conforming, autistic (mentally challenged) people has always been called eugenics. When gender critical feminists were raising that alarm, they were told by liberals and the trans community, specifically, to go fuck off. They don't want sympathy. They want you to submit to their fantasy. They want validation and privileges beyond rights because they largely come out of the upper-middle class privileged class and are used to getting their way. No other delusion is supported by affirmation (or denial of the delusion!). All other mental delusions ask for them to come back to reality.

There is no such thing as gender (the soul is a religious claim or stereotypes about what behavior is appropriate for the sexes is stereotypes). There are only two sexes. Intersex is a misnomer, a disorder of sexual development - it's a birth defect and not a separate sex. Disorders of sexual development are sex-based! Jacob's and Klienfelter'ss are male-only disorders. XO syndrome can only happen to females.

We don't claim to have a continuum of leggedness despite having similar numbers of those born with fewer or more than two legs to DSD, we are still bipedal. We don't have a continuum of fingeredness, despite the similarity in developmental disorders creating a similar percent of those born "intersex" (again, not in between sex, but literally a sex-based birth defect) and those born with fewer or more fingers. (*edit - almost as if there is a normal percent of defect that occurs within the human body in any system - I'd wager hearts born with holes are a similar number to intersex, too.)

They end their life because we pretend their delusion is real, but the fantasy cannot be kept forever because it's not real. It's unkind to affirm them, and the nordic countries already know this and are pivoting hard core on the trans issue away from medical experimentation and self-id. This is the creation of the transhumanist medical industry - medical care on demand. That's what is unkind - affirmation and experimentation on these traumatized kids. (and I believe there is a generation of sexually traumatized kids from early exposure to hardcore, violent, degrading porn)

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Excellent post, couldn't have said it so well myself.

There is no such thing as gender

That's one battle I wish people would stop conceding. Gender never used to mean anything different than sex, it was redefined, an invented argument. The etymology is pretty clear the word was redefined to support gender identity theory.

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Thanks. I wish this stupid topic didn't take up so much space in my brain, but it's been an absurdity for a decade.

As far as "gender," I think it was redefined prior by second-wave feminists, unfortunately. I'd love to blame gender identity theory in total, but the second wavers needed a word to describe the social traits expected of women or men, and they appropriated "gender." So, it was recently unchained from it's longer-held definition, which I think was why it was so easy to convince society it meant innate soul based off social traits expected of the sex (what we used to consider a personality) instead of a euphemism for biological sex.

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Uhuh… nice try shill but you won’t trick these people into wanting to fuck those grotesque abominations.

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The trouble is that even the stupid and pathetic ones will still throw your human rights out the window to get a crumb of affirmation. They are mostly bad selfish people as well as ignorant.