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My dead mother used to vote Republican, now after she is dead and buried she votes Democrat via mail-in ballots.

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Persistent leftism suffered into middle age is a major symptom of incurable mental dysfunction.

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not being able to identify politicians as self serving simply because they have a variety of rhetoric types is called being an idiot. if you want to call it a disorder, go ahead. it’s actually just stupidity though.

if trumps overwhelming support of a deadly experimental vaccine agenda didn’t teach you that nothing will. go play in some rush hour traffic.

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tips fedora

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Trump was against vaccine mandates. Do you not see the difference?

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Specifically, I think a lot of it is failure to launch.

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You mean like those Christians who never grow up so they need to use God like a crutch their whole lives and to justify their shitty narcissistic decisions? You can also use tradition in the same way, you don't even need the excuse of religion

I find that far more childish than any leftist ideology

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I put the christians and the wokes in the same box

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Yup, it's all religion of one flavour or another.

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No, but recently many of them seem to have become infected with the woke mind virus

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ISMs are a mental illness

if you don't know you are one with all that is, you are unable to think about reality

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This is the by far the best answer

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This seems like part of a recent far right agenda.

This - "lefties who use mental illness as a catch all excuse " - is NOT happening. Numerous far right boomer MAGAtards are on disability, while they support the future cutting of Social Security, healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

The far right agenda - the GOP's latest disinformation campaign - claims that the 'left' are pedophiles, woke, commie, trans, mentally ill, etc.

Of course none of that is true. Republicans outnumber other political parties in pedophilia, same-sex adultery scandals, mental illnesses (Greene and Trump &c), general hatred of everything that has an IQ above 10, and communism for the super wealthy (tax cuts for them during Trump's presidency, increasing debt to $10 trillion).

Everyone on the far right has a mental disorder, the most common of which is narcissistic personality disorder, followed by various forms of psychopathy.

I see you posted this 5 days ago, which is a much better question:

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You’re very good at making up stuff.

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Except they won’t say that gender dysphoria is a mental illness.

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Gotta be something environmental. It's almost exclusively in cities.

Shit, you hardly ever meet a leftoid who looks like they have the right number of chromosomes.

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Dunno I think that living in the country just affords you with both less opportunities for anonymity since everyone knows everyone else but also less opportunities for attention since there are less people in general.

So if you're a crazy attention seeking narcissist in a rural area you'll probably either have people figure you out quickly and shun you, or you'll end up having to compete with the other local narcissists who are actively trying to weed out the competition.

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It's just a manifestation of resentment against one's father. In a sane society that resentment would give way to understanding and appreciation by age 30, but we live in an insane society, a society that has been poisoned from within.

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    no more than Nazism

    Well duh, they're the same thing.

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    I'd call it more of a symptom of many mental disorders

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