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Yeet the trans baby.

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This comment as been flagged as "promoting mass murder". Yeet means to throw, so in context your comment, I take this to mean get rid of the youth gender reassignment movement.

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We can simply build a time machine and go back to the moment of creation 6000 years ago and kill god, then eliminate the concept of gender from the source code of the universe by implementing an AI gender corruption algorithm that logarithmically increases the number of genders bi-annually in a random concept while simultaneously use an anti-time retrograde time corrective virus to eliminate toxic genders from existence before they are existing rendering the virus inert due to paradoxical backwash and eliminating the need for cheese from logical self flagellating neo Orwellian idea what the caann skc ksepfn brrreerr uwe za maba va pa ro to 010001000100010001010101010102010 znkcodkdofojwnsnz zncnczmznzndfndoelqpa

Your universe has committed an illegal operation and has shut down. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.

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Your universe has committed an illegal operation and has shut down. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.

If only this were real

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This is the epitome of the same kind of hubris that the trannies are guilty of: "The Universe is wrong, AND MY IDEAS ARE RIGHT!!!"

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You just agreed that we are individuals and should not assimilate into the "oneness". Now you say that we should completely submit to the universe.

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Accepting the objective reality of things is not the same as "submitting to" something. What you are doing is the very essence of insanity. What I'm doing is the very essence of meta-sanity.

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    They seem to be going the opposite direction since 2020.

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    I'm not sure I can think of any restrictions trans/lgbq....have against themselves. When people leave others and their kids alone, they'll realize they have full rights, but are simply asking for extra privileges.

    Guns, on the other hand, have many restrictions. They do have the complication of severely impacting others, if misused.

    You can't stop people from misusing guns purposely, as they could just find another tool to use. The best you could do is stop ruining the economy, job market, taking peoples freedoms, using reactionary/inflammatory/divisional politics, starting wars, and wasting tax money, to help people be generally more happy/content.

    For the accidental problems, safety training would help. People have became unfamiliar with guns and their living in urban prisons, restrictions, inflated prices, and under eroded freedoms.

    Imagine a few decades after self driving cars, how soccer mom's will tell you driving by hand is dangerous, illegal, and only done by terrorists purposely running people over.