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Your dad over used it.

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Your question is built on a false premise

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I agree, it really is a great word

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It is a vile word on a par with the N-word, if not worse.

Shut up, breeder fascist, or the revolution will come for you first, and most brutally.

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It’s not harmless. It is a slur, and you will be unalived for using it.

Shut up, breeder!

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Politically correct culture, same with "retard"

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Another word you’re going to get beaten up for using. Your speech is violence so my violence is speech. Violence is the sign language of the oppressed against the oppressor classes. Therefore, it should be legally protected and hate speech should not just as the oppressor classes should not have civil rights.

Now that’s what I call political correctness. If anything, political correctness doesn’t go far enough.

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can't tell if you're being sarcastic or just blatantly fascistic

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Do you mean a cigarette or a bundle of sticks?

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Nobody means it that way. Nobody means it any other way than as a attack on all Gay men everywhere that all Gay men everywhere have the right to use lethal force to combat, and we fucking will.

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I don't use that word because it is hateful. I support LGBTQ+ people's freedoms and rights. I think the hate is wrong and misguided.

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That acronym is just as hateful because it reduces homosexuality to just another letter in a formless lumpen mess created by heterosexual oligarchs to lump us in with self-loathing self-mutilators. It is offensive. It is a slur. Say Gay or say nothing. If you cannot follow that advice, you are not entitled to freedom of speech.

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Why should gay men have all the freedom and rights but not the lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people etc?

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Why should trannies and breeders have rights when they have threatened the rights of Gay people and women at every single turn? They shouldn’t, and you’re a bigot if you support them.

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What if transgender people and straight people were Jewish?

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Then I will gladly turn kapo on them for crimes against homosexuality. Stop using the word “straight” to refer to deviancy and perversion.

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Gays do not choose to be gay. Anybody who claims to be anything other than gay is making a conscious choice to reject homosexuality, the default form of human sexuality.

Tr-ns is a choice. Gay is not.

Het is a choice. Gay is not.

Why should Gays tolerate a bunch of PIVrapist pedophile wife beaters? Why should Gays tolerate a bunch of self-loathing self-mutilators? Why is everybody else owed tolerance they don’t deserve at our expense after millennia of breeders projecting their own deviancy and degeneracy on the Earth, while simultaneously appropriating everything that defines us?

All non-Gay sexuality is degenerate, deviant, disgusting, and destructive. It is no longer necessary for human reproduction because there are other options and have been since before I was born. Penises belong in butts, and vaginas are for rubbing against each other. PIVrape is rape and emasculation is Gay bashing.

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Get bent. You are somebody that has read nothing but sexual propaganda from the government and is now attempting to subvert it for nefarious purposes. Insulting innocent Jews, goyim and sexuality along with it.

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Those joints were not meant to be used as suppositories. I guess it was the only way you could smoke them at all with your head so far up your ass.

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I’m not the one selling or smoking suppositories mr. goyim-gay. Head up ass? Projecting your kink, Christian fuck? I’m not your Jesus 🖕🏿

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Your accusation of projection is an act of projection in and of itself. You are everything you accuse me of and more, just as Donald Trump‘s critics are guilty of everything they accuse him of and more.

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Gay means happy or jolly. The fact that it refers to homosexuality is itself a slur. Much like faggot, fruit cake or fruit basket; none of those things imply sexual preferences. Yet, here you are gay bashing and attempting to cut short the lives of Jews, homosexuals, lgbt and hetero/bisexuals of all ethnicities by taking an anti-breeder stance. Your level of propaganda is completely deranged and can assume you to be a white supremacist misanthrope because western civilization is in dire straits due to wasteful expenditures and haphazard geopolitics. Legalizing cannabis and psychedelics should have been done right after bt corn and experimented upon to create better products. But the church (I.e. gvt) had moral issues with taxable consumption of plants. Go fucking figure, birds of a feather flock together. Go fuck yourself 1488, trump ball gargling cracka. You’re in a corner with prayer of molesting bdsm Jesus, anti-abortion and being anti-agriculture. The rest of the world would never follow this incest.

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A word can have more than one meaning, you stupid breeder.

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Caught you talking to another deleted account. Enjoy communicating with dummies huh? What a loser.

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Another ad hominem attack from a member of an inferior race, religion, sexual orientation, and political party. Enjoy pretending that spreading the myth of the uniparty isn’t costing the GOP elections.

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It is a uniparty! It’s a conspiracy against Jews, goyim and sexuality by groomers like you. The master race according to your Christian doctrine is not to be trusted goyim.

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Every accusation you make of grooming is a confession. I’m not just Jewish, but Gay so you’re a homophobe in addition to being an antisemite. You are keeping alive one of the worst and most offensive stereotypes of Gay men in order to project your own sick perverted lust for underage girls onto somebody who doesn’t even want to fuck women!

And as a Jew, I am of color. Gentilism is performative whiteness in addition to being a network of cults all built around an inherently antisemitic premise. Not being Jewish is antisemitic, not being Gay is homophobic, not being Black is racist. Period.

Judaism is a religion of color. The first Jews were dark-skinned. It is disingenuous, dishonest, and outright racist to refer to pink- and olive-skinned people as “white.“

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Jews are taking back that which was used to destroy us to destroy those who try to destroy us. Leviticus 24:19–21 is not just permission from God, but a direct order.

They started it, so we’re gonna finish it. Everybody who tried to destroy the Jews, has failed. Everybody who tries to destroy the Jews will fail. You will have to destroy the entire human race to destroy us all. Even then, that does not necessarily prevent future sentient species yet to evolve from becoming Jewish.

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You support hate when you use that acronym. Say Gay or shut your breeder mouth the fuck up!

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The Republican or democrat Party has gone to the way of charlatans and groomers wanting center stage like these 🖕🏿

Unworthy. No one should be supporting this stuff, not china, Middle East etc. crime against humanity.

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I refused to vote for Mitt Romney, and his betrayal of Donald Trump vindicates my decision to vote for Gary Johnson in 2012. But I voted to reelect Trump in 2020 and I’ll be voting for him again. Either Trump gets his second term or the American experiment is over.

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Spoken like a true Stockholm syndrome cult leader. My way or highway, what happens to Jews on the other side of politics?

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You mean self-hating Jewish sellouts who threw Israel under the bus to appease all their racist commie breeder goy “friends” who talk smack about Jews, and not just Israel, the moment their back is turned? The same ones who care more about pushing the current thing than actually following the Torah? Those “Jews“? Why would I possibly have anything against Jews who put other Jews in harm’s way with their anti-Jewish self-loathing antisemitism?

How DARE you project your goyische blasphemy onto me, aryan swine!

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So that’s what you are? Finally! Thanks for admitting your projection of yourself! Aryan swine. Now that we’re on the same page, nazi fucker. You better bring the American experiment to an end as soon as possible as you claimed because there is no way in hell, my Jewish butt is voting for an aryan pig like Donald trump, or even you. Master-ass faggot groomer. You’ve threatened someone with violence, so allow me to retort: kill yourself pig breed.

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You instigated the threat by posting first and by repeatedly harassing me, stalking me, and committing verbal terrorism against a protected class, which is incitement to any and all forms of retaliation by that protected class NO MATTER WHAT!

And it always will be.

Let my people GO, goy terrorist scum!

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Are you angry for some reason?

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It is a protected class zealot attempting to systematically dismantle the oppressor classes. Which over time would include everyone.

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Shut up, breeder. Oh, wait, you already have been because moderators know better than to fuck with protected classes.

Shove your oppressor class verbal terrorism up your asshole along with a cock of color.

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Don’t patronize me, you degenerate cracker pervert. You have the blood of Gay MEN and Lesbians on your hands.

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You are a bigot.

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Because all major social media is controlled by faggots.

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Shut up breeder or the next Holocaust will be yours.

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Meanwhile, the word “cracker“ is never going to go out of style because it is an accurate description of the cracker race. Crackers are called crackers because they crack under the slightest pressure. Even the most basic scrutiny of the stupid offensive bullshit they spew out on a daily basis is more than they can take, but they sure as hell can dish it out. As far as I’m concerned, it is the official word to describe the degenerate cracker race, and any cracker who objects to being called a cracker needs to just suck it up and take it because you’re going to get called cracker even more. Now go watch Velma and shut your bucktoothed canker sore-riddled hillbilly cracker mouth you use to kiss female blood relatives the fuck up, you fucking cracker!

Cracker is just a word, cracker! Get over it, cracker! And don’t you dare tell people of color we can’t call crackers crackers, whatever the fuck we want. That’s our word, and we have every right to use it. And you can’t tell us what words we can and can’t use, but we sure as hell can do it to you because you tried to do with us first. You can’t say the F slur, but we sure as hell can call you breeders for using it. You can’t say the N-word, but we sure as hell can call you crackers for using it. You can’t say the K slur, but we can call you goyim for using it. And we will. Freedom of speech is not a right, but a privilege we have earned and you have forfeited. My speech is free speech. Yours is verbal terrorism.

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I would ask the same question about the word "retarded".