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No. You need balls to do the right thing.

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The ones who are in, are in. The odds of getting them out are next to nil, just for the logistics of it. The only change which may come is shutting the door to the flow. Even that is way long-shot in our current environment, but it's about those who don't usually pay attention becoming sufficiently pissed off that they actually do start paying attention. Not impossible. People are getting pretty pissed off.

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if you do that I will never get pussy

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Can we...legally, yes we can. Will we, probably not.

Democrats will support immigrants because woke.

Republicans will also support them, because the rural farm owners and other Republican donors depend on this cheap labor to make money

We are probably not getting rid of the illegals. Our efforts are probably better spent on stopping any more from coming in at this point, because this is a huge problem, and DeSantis has shown its possible to convert Democrats like Mayor Adams on this issue by making the illegals their problem too.

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Why do you think there’s only 11 million illegals here? There’s more like 50 million.

We are about to face a severe population crisis. Men are going to stop having relationships with women.

The Mexicans are here to make babies.

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The legal immigration of people from extremist countries as refugees is worse and there are more of them.