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It'll never happen, but I'm in favor of shooting any of the 700K who steps over the border. That's a fucking invasion force.

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While I have positive experience with Mexicans in my area, overall, the illegals are a drain on the system.

They get free medical and education that our tax dollars pay for. If they work, they claim max deductions so that minimal taxes are taken out. While education has already dropped severely in quality and usefulness, they were already dragging it down with other minorities. If a class has to accommodate an non-english speaking illegal alien, then it slows down the class and costs us more money.

If we need more workers, then we should allow them to come over legally. Shills like to lie and say that they just merely take jobs that we don't do, which is bullshit. Many are hard working but they do take jobs and resources from citizens as well as make all of our taxes higher.

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for every narrative, there is a counter-narrative. for example, one narrative claims that there exists a "sub-class" of "illegals" who "sneak" into the USA and take advantage of money giveaways at the worst, and at the best "steal" jobs that US people would gladly take. the counter-narrative is that there is a group of migrants who come to the USA, are given an extremely limited amount of money to get started, they go directly to work, picking our crops, cleaning our bathrooms, landscaping our homes, they pull themselves up by their bootstraps, doing jobs that natural born US people wouldn't be caught dead doing. choose your narrative, both have their own associated facts and data.

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I'm inclined to believe in the 'hardworking immigrants' narrative rather than the 'criminal scapegoats' one. That said, my question isn't about the worthiness of the migrants themselves. It's about the mood of the States and if people think this event would set something big off.

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You can bet your ass Texas will bus them to blue cities enmasse. Let them splain it to Brandon.

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Perhaps you should count the zeroes in that number again.

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God I hope so, but I'm not optimistic. I thought DeSantis getting Mayor Adams of NYC to do a total 180 on immigration and say 'yes, this is national issue, not a Texas issue, pleaz halp' would move the bar but it didn't seem to.