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In my opinion most, not all, of the shootings are fake, using crisis actors, local and federal law enforcement who are in on the fakes. Why? To create that feeling of chaos that you asked about. People who are afraid are easier to control and more likely to give up some of their constitutional rights for, they think, peace and calm. The Democrats want to take away all the guns and scaring hell out of people is one way to get anti-gun laws passed, they think. But it doesn't seem to be working...yet.

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It's crazy how the shootings have taken off under Biden. That kind of says it all.

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You said it friend. His whole family is on the take and it is so obvious. The prez is doing all he can to hasten the end of the US.

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William Cooper Warned ‘Deep State’ Would Engineer School Shootings To Disarm Americans

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And they killed him on his own doorstep. Thanks for trying to warn us, Bill.

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    Is that a threat?

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      Are you gonna sue or fine me $5million if I say yes? Look into it. There are mountains of evidence pointing to > no children died.

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      No, not really. We've got our bread and circuses, which is why there aren't any serious uprisings yet.

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      Bavarian living in California, I would compair it to any other third world country. High crime, poor public transportation, roads and corruption is wild in the US government. Can't wait to return to Germany and civilized people.

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      You won't be missed.

      What kind of a person moves to California to ride the fucking bus anyway?

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      Every nut and tramp within a thousand miles.

      Which just supports his point.

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      Sorry Mr. Shit for brains, I said High crime, poor public transportation, roads and corruption is wild in the US government.

      Where the fuck did you read I ride a bus, can you read or are you just fucked in the head.

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      I agree with him. California is basically 3rd world just with more money.

      The public transportation situation is indeed appalling. It shows the governments concerns honestly. In a functional society they'd do things like keep the public transportation clean and keep bums off of it, in California they just seem to not give a fuck about it which is telling of the general incompetence of their leadership.

      If you have a system that is so shit that normal people can't use it, what is the benefit for supporting it? I've been on the LA subway before and it was basically just filled with people fighting each other and no cops in sight.

      Felt safer in Tijuana tourist area than I did on Hollywood Boulevard. Hilariously bad look for California.

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      In a functional society they'd do things like keep the public transportation clean

      Depending on demographics that is not possible. You can put a brand new bus on a rout and it comes back with scrathed graphiti in the windows and absolutely torn to shit. No amount of money or maintenance can keep up when a clean buss is literally a target that itself drives these people to destroy it.

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      Hence my comment on a "functional society".

      If it truly is that bad they need to have security on every bus.

      Some degree of vandalism is to be expected but it cannot be tolerated. Simply sending round patrols to catch the teenagers and sentence them with community service to clean up the messes they make would fix a lot.

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      Your "solution" is tantamount to the famous "let them eat cake". It is delusional. Even stationing officers on every buss is impossible because they phisically can't watch everyone all the time. The idea that you could track down a person after the fact is laughable. You would be publicly mocked for your stupidity if you tried to punnish someone in that way. It would almost always cost more than fixing the damage. The problem is in some communities everyone is liable to do it. The damage is too much to keep up with.

      You can't wrap your head around it because you have no experience with people like that. The trouble makers in your community are few and your solutuons assume that. It is delusional.

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      Then they shouldn't run busses to those communities.

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      Sure buddy. Think about that for a second.

      How exactly is that better than running the busses in the state they are in?

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      Not running busses costs the taxpayers less money.

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      Why have any busses at all then?

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      Germany has worse corruption than the US. You can't even point out any factual inaccuracies in the hollocaust stories. It is only safer because it has far fewer minorities, but the government is working hard to change that. The birth rates are horrible. Replacement is underway. Germany will become the baltimore of europe.

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      Maybe all the muslim auslanders will welcome you home.

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      Ach scheisse hier gehen wir wieder, I truly enjoy when shit for brains comment.

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      Glad I could help

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      Nah, my life is awesome. Living standards here are really high. I work from home in a big house I own. It's hot where I live, so I grow vegetables. I have just about every physical possession I've imagined myself owning; good fast car I bought new, nice stereos, and so on.

      Whatever you want is right around the corner in the USA, much of it available 24/7: drugs, guns, pussy... this really is the land of plenty.

      People bitch about private healthcare, but I don't really have an issue with it. I guess if you define yourself in terms of mental illness and have a cabinet full of antipsychotics and hormones you have to take to feel normal, that's more of an issue, but even then it's really just a matter of finding a job.

      People bitch about student loans. IDK. College was free for me, except for a couple of night classes I paid for at community college while I was working full time. I think a lot of the people complaining about student loans didn't really plan ahead. They went to the absolute best school that accepted them and/or got a low-value degree.

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      agreed about student loans. fuck bailing out the Ivy League art students.

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      No. Remember, it’s the (((media))).

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      There is a huge difference depending on where you are in countries. Go to a project with tons of poor people vs a small town with rich people. Is going to be night and day.

      In the worst places USA seems to be among the worst places on the whole planet. In the best places it's among the best places on the whole planet.

      I live in a major city in Europe. 15 minutes on the subway can take you from rubbing shoulders with royalty to being a victim.

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      The quality of a nation mirrors the quality of its human capital. In that regard, America is rapidly declining and headed for collapse in the coming decades. Most nations in Europe are on the same trajectory, and the cause of all this is jews funding mass migration, as well as the migrants themselves and their descendants.

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      Statistically, just stay away from blacks and non-white hispanics and it is safer than most European nations. Ignore this and it can be more dangerous than afghanistan

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      Each person, regardless of where they live, makes of their own life what they will. You can live in the US which offers more opportunities than any other country in the world and be a drug addicted vagrant covered in your own excriment. Or you can move to one of the many gated paradices and live a life secluded from everything that offends you.

      So you can't reasonably claim life is one way or another in any country. It all depends on what you do.

      What can be states factually is which country offers the most opportunities to common people. The US is undoubtebly #1.

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        Not true.

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          You are replying with the common brainwashed propaganda.

          It does not take away opportunity from one person for another person to have more opportunity. The premise of your argument is wrong and stupid.

          The exact opposite effect is real. Being in proximity to wealthy people gives you MORE opportunities. You have the opportunity to do buisness with them. To be employed by them. To collabirate with them. To learn from them.

          At every wealth level prople in america have more opportunity than anywhere else.

          An orphan dropped on the street at 18 in america has more opportunity than an orphan dropped on the street at 18 anywhere else.

          "Hur dur but he can't but shit like drumph" is NOT a valid refutation of that fact.

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            I thouroughly answered the question. Try re reading it.

            Trickle down economics refers to welfare for the rich. None of what I said has anything to do with that.

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              welfare from the rich.

              It's welfare FOR the rich, like bailouts. It was a term invented to justify bailouts for the rich.

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              I will tell you; liberal "news", CNN, msnbc, the anti-trump movement, the view, etc have ruined my mom. I'm talking total obliteration of personality, outlook, energy, optimism/health. She is ruined forever, for good. The pandemic scared her significantly. She is an excessively insecure, weak-minded individual. She was significantly abused in her childhood, her life has not been pleasant, so this is always at the forefront of my consideration. The negativity, the hatred, the criticism, constant put-downs of the other side invigorate her righteous indignation. She is unable to maintain her home and eat well, she orders shit off amazon, zuliliy, kohls, whatever and just tosses it into a pile. There is NO debate, communication, compromise, criticism; "if the government is doing it, it must be the right thing."

              It has made my life a living hell.

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              I'm sorry about that, and I feel you. Must be depressing to have a family member panicking about events that don't affect her, her family, not even her state. I'm not the kinda guy to make suggestions, but you should support and take care of your mom while she's still around. What you're talking about here is exactly the reason why I've been trying to avoid bad news in general, especially radical left and right news sources.

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              Thanks, appreciated, I still put others over myself, we go, best wishes to you.

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              panicking about events that don't affect her

              How do you think covid does not effect her?

              I think the very argument that "it doesn't effect you therfore you should ignore it" is increadibly short sighted. Everything in society effects you eventually. The effects reverberate through society, shape it, and touch everything.

              Those arguments are made by people who are on the wrong side.

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              I had a similar experience though it went in the opposite direction politically. "If the government is doing it it must be evil!"

              There's certainly value in being skeptical of the government but the alternative of the right wing media sphere is filled with its own version of fear mongering and grifting and the total lack of critical thought means whenever the government says something the grifters come in to capitalize on people inclined to do the opposite regardless of whether or not it makes any sense for them to do so.

              It's super partisan though. When the right is winning everything they do is good and can't have problems. When the left is winning everything they do is evil and must be fought against. Let's ignore the bipartisan nonsense that gets rammed through that usually does make our lives worse.

              I always just go straight to the text of whatever bill people are arguing about and read it for myself. Then whenever someone tries to have a discussion about it, I ask if they've read it? Usually the answer is no, and I end the discussion right there.

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              No and why? Because those with an agenda to gain power need willing needful and those called marginalized to give them power. Dimmo's have been doing that quite successfully for many decades. "Where's my gibs" the fools will say while placing chains on themselves to gain the gibs. What idiots.

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              No. You have to understand that the majority of violence portrayed in the news happens in the top 25 largest cities in the US. Once you get out of those major cities, the chance of violence drops intensely. The vast majority of violent crimes are due to gang violence, over money, drugs, or turf; those are centered in the inner cities as well.

              Major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have areas that are deeply unsafe and you should not attempt to enter under any circumstances, but once you leave those huge cities altogether, the violence drops intensely.

              The US media doesn't tell you that because it gets in the way of the narrative their pet issues are the real problem: they're not. 99% of the areas of the US are extremely safe and sees little to no violence year over year.

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              Meh. I live in the hood in a top 10 metro and it's pretty safe.

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              By the way, I'm asking as a guy from Florida, because everyone's flipping out about Ron Desantis, the "don't say gay" thing, and the Disney thing, where none of the above had an impact on me or my friends and family. And I've heard about the Utah Pornhub ban, and honestly, I wish it came to Florida instead.

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              The Pornhub ban is funny. Utah just made it legal specifically to sue websites that provide pornographic material to minors, pornhub had a fit and blocked Utah from access rather than make a system to check.

              There's definitely criticisms of the Utah law that can be made concerning how vague it is. My primary criticism is it is ineffective at actually doing anything beyond being politically expedient. It does mean porn addicts in Utah will now have to use a VPN instead.

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              My primary criticism is it is ineffective at actually doing anything

              Your own comment contradicts this. They effectively banned porn hub without the backlash of banning porn hub. That's a huge win if you understand that porn use is adictive and harmful.

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              I think it's likely to be helpful to throw some extra barriers in there but the law isn't going to be able to actually stop minors from accessing pornography, hence it's more a political win than anything.

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              I think it's likely to be helpful to throw some extra barriers in there

              Is that not exactly what the law did?

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              Sort of. I'm not opposed to this law, but it's not particularly effective since the barriers thrown up are extremely easy to get around.

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              If you are already looking for that particular website. But it prevents that website from being served up and pushed on people. An 8 year old who googles "naked girls" isn't going to be sent a link to porn hub. That's impactful.

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              That's not how it works as far as I know.

              The 8 year old who searches for naked girls will still get the same links as everyone else. The Pornhub links just will redirect them to a page that says "not available in your state"

              Every other website that didn't do what pornhub did will still be available.

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              I don't think it's terrible, you see the worst of the worst on the news.