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No, I think he's OK. He's not extremely charismatic or funny like Trump, but he can be quite a forceful speaker at times.

I guess if you buy into the leftist bullshit the other party is pushing, you might have a problem with DeSantis' political positions. However, I don't think anyone can dispute the fact that he represents his constituents well. The people of Florida don't want drag queens and gender ideology in their schools, which are paid for by their taxes. It's not the role of government to change their minds.

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For reference, here's what I've been hearing:

" RONALD MC SANTA WANTS TO KICK ALL THE BROWN PEOPLE FROM THE U.S. (I've seen leftists say 'but who's gonna clean toilets and pick berries for us???' unironically)"


"DONALD DATRUMP WANTS TO BAN PRONOUNS FROM SCHOOL AND KILL TRANS CHILDREN ( children need to learn about the ABCs before the LGBs. Also, vegan cat.)

"RUMPY DESTUMPY WILL DESTROY EQUALITY AND SEND US BACK TO THE DARK AGES ( again, we're in school to learn about becoming a better person, not to become a pussy)

And that's just on Reddit. But you're right, he sounds like a man with a plan, putting it into action, keeping his word.

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The people posting that shit have "daddy issues." Any authority figure who doesn't wear a nose ring and quote Mao Tse Tung pisses them off.

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But more recently he does seem to think that's the role of the government. Though you never know, he must know he can't win without support from culture warriors.

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They’re all bad. The tiny hat wearing americucks.

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Weird. Says there's six comments, but I can't see one of them. I can't believe I've blocked six people (I usually only block people who are posting spam links), so wtf?

Anywho, nobody is as bad as "they" say. Somewhere around 2016 the entire country seems to have take the posture of "you're either with us 100% or against us and a Nazi." That being said, I don't hate Ron Desantis. He's done some good things as Governor of Florida, and that's saying lot. Have you been to Florida? You'd think it was on fire based on its reputation.

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I live there, although I am oblivious to the political world. But so far, I can say this doesn't affect me.

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I work fully remote and some of my teammates are from Florida. They seem okay. As in, it sounds like the rest of the country.

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