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Serious talk:

  1. You just go say hi.

  2. You can start with a “pick up line”, but I never use pick up lines, I use “dad jokes”. For example: “I had to take my sweater back to the store. It had too much eletric charge. I was shocking everyone. They gave me a new sweater l, FREE OF CHARGE!”.

  3. The woman will react. It will be bad. It will be good. You get all types of reactions. Here is where you need to pay attention to the woman. And this is what women look for, paying attention to her.

There are small hints and subtleties. Women arnt just like “ew I hate you go away”. Some will be akward, some will like not want to have the conversation, but will like, not outright say it.

It’s important to pay attention.

And accept getting rejected. It’s okay. If you’re going up and taking to women, you are doing your job.

Just see talking to any woman as a good step. And it take a thousand steps to learn to walk.

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Kind of a dying phenomenon, honestly. Most people just send a fam request on Bloop or whatever now, and if you have enough clout she'll accept.

That said, back in the day my tactic was the ridiculously transparent compliment. Like, if she has giant breasts don't mention that. Find some part of her that sucks and pretend-compliment that. You'd think that would be obviously bullshit, but chicks are kind of dumb about it.

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I suggest you go old school on her.

Hit her on the back of the head with a club and drag her back to your house.

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I wouldn’t cause kissing girls is for faggots