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An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.

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You mean a place of unrequited love, acceptance and tolerance?

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Tolerance refers to the ability to accept or tolerate differences, opinions, beliefs, or behaviors that are different from our own. It is the willingness to recognize and respect the rights, perspectives, and diversity of others without prejudice, discrimination, or judgment.

Tolerance is an essential value in fostering peaceful coexistence and promoting understanding among individuals and communities. It involves embracing diversity and acknowledging that people have different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and worldviews. Rather than trying to enforce conformity or impose one's beliefs on others, tolerance encourages open-mindedness and the appreciation of different perspectives.

Practicing tolerance involves being respectful, patient, and empathetic towards others, even when their ideas or actions may challenge our own. It means refraining from engaging in discriminatory or prejudiced behavior and actively promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.

Tolerance is particularly important in multicultural societies where people from various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds coexist. By fostering tolerance, societies can create environments that encourage dialogue, understanding, and collaboration, ultimately contributing to social harmony and peaceful relationships.

However, it's important to note that tolerance does not mean accepting or condoning harmful or illegal behavior. It is about respecting differences in a way that upholds basic human rights and promotes mutual understanding.

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Oh yeah, like the love, acceptance and tolerance a pedophile has for a 4 year old girl. And a bullet.

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This is seriously the most pathetic attempt at trolling I've ever seen. Seriously, OP, if you're going to troll, put some fucking effort into it. And by the way, your ex didn't dump you because the sex was bad, it was obviously because you're fucking boring.

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Actually my partner and I mutually agreed to be topped by our black friend m’tumbe

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My girlfriend can fuck whoever she wants, as long as we're no longer dating.

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eww girls are gross.