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I'm in the UK so I would say that numbers are a little different. But I have dated a fair amount of women prior to meeting my wife. I knew what I wanted in a wife, that is someone who was into traditional role models, that wanted to raise children in that narrative and who had a good deal in common with me.

I had to go through a fair few women and by far the worst were the two American ladies I dated very briefly. Both were extremely entitled and both practically wanted credit reports and wage slips. It was like applying for a mortgage. Of course I noped out.

Europe most certainly has imported a lot of whatever wave feminism we are on now from the USA. There were girls I almost dated until I found out that their body count was higher than a morgue and seemed to boast about it, like it would in some way excite me more.

That said, I think the tides are turning. More and more younger girls are become very much extreme in their wants. While you have a certain section of girls that fully embrace feminism, want to go on slut walks while banging anything that moves, seem to delight in the idea of having kids by various fathers, there are a lot more these days who want the traditional models. In fact, the younger women I have encountered (not dated) are looking for that stay at home mum life and are thus looking for men who are into providing that. Their dismissal of "fuckboys" is quite apparent and it seems though they are focusing more on education to "be able to teach my future kids properly", are looking for their "the ones".

It isn't across the board though. English girls really do fall into one of two camps and it isn't beyond a doubt that a previous town bicycle will suddenly become a born again virgin in order to lock in a guy who can provide. It happens, I've seen it myself via my own friend group.

As for undateable trash, well it depends what you are after. I went through a few years where I was happy to bang anything I fancied and condoms are great things. I have dated girls I had no intention of wifing up and of course those relationships did not last long. I had my fill, onto the next chump. I did however meet girls who were a lot more reserved. Given people let any guards that they have slip as time goes on, you get to know who you are dealing with quite quickly. All but the most idiotic of men should be able to spot the born again virgin crowd who realised feminism was a con and shifted gears, trying to paint themselves up as new.

I think the real challenge today is the transgender thing. I think that the education and authority systems in place have realised that feminism has not worked in destroying our girls and are trying to attack them from the gender angle. It is working, at the end of the day young children are easily swayed and every child wants consequence free attention. Transgenderism is one of those extreme things that is apparently not up for debate at all.

My kids go to school and there are a few in their classes touting the transgender thing. Of course they get so much affirmative attention, there is no reason for them to quit their bullshit. Thankfully I have taught my children enough to know that it's horse shit, they openly laugh about it at home, but they know that in school not to draw attention to themselves for disapproving.

A lot of that stems from my wife and I. We do homework with the kids all the time. In fact, we supplement what the school teaches and if we believe that their logic, reasoning and maths skills are lagging behind because of the school, we are with them to make sure it does not. We have some of the only kids who enjoy homework as it's practically family time for us. Of course we do fun things too. The kids know if the homework is done early enough of a Friday evening that Saturday is family cook-up day.

Finding a wife of that calibre is not astronomically difficult and I would say is becoming easier. For me, I went ten years younger to find that in a girl. I found a lot of girls of my own age group were so deeply wrapped in feminism, they were practically undateable. So many were in thankless careers where they really felt they had to show the men how it was done and only realised that slaving for the man is no different whether you're male or female. You still get the hard knocks and eventually when the looks fade, you get it just as hard as the men do and have done likely throughout their working lives.

With any dating scenario, you must remain true to what you want. If the girl you are with is nothing more than a fling, keep it that way. If you are looking for a girl with the substance to become a wife, keep looking.

Though sometimes money is tight with only me working, I know that my wife keeps a clean house, happy children and we can just about make it on my salary living somewhat frugally. My kids love cooking with us and pre-cooking, all of that saves money. Instead of spending £100 at a restaurant, we spend maybe £15 worth in ingredients to make up a cool family meal that everybody helps with. And I can assure you, my kids would take that before a pizza hut any day of the week.

Find a girl that's on your side. That simple. If you can't find one, keep looking. You are better off without than settling.

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There is no way I would ever date any female in the United States ever again

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5% is pretty close.

I'm not even looking for a virgin or a hot chick. 5% is the percentage that won't fuck your life up in a major way.

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If she breathe she a ho