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It sucks imo.

Just a horrible layout and the multiple server thing is cumbersome. I get how that's part of the appeal, but until an app comes along that streamlines it, it's just a dead in the water concept.

The thing that made reddit explod in popularity was the third party apps and the thing that killed it was the move away. Lemme makes decent third party apps difficult.

But if one server hits a critical mass with a matching app, or someone creates an app that fast switches and creates a decent list of popular parts they might do well.

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I think it's okay alternative - not many unique features apart from federation/decentralization. I mean Saidit has two types of upvotes/no downvotes, chat; Notabug was real-time (you didn't need to refresh post to see new comments), had "spaces" moderation model, topics instead of communities (which were auto-created at the moment of submitting post), very fast chat built on the same engine as comments page, anon posting/chatting, PoW voting.

And Lemmy has what?

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Lemmy is pure trash. I tried it before I found this site.

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Depends I'm guessing, lemmy dot world and dot ml are garbage. The mods bans people for the pettiests of reasons, and it can get worse than reddit at times.
When it comes to fediverse I'm still looking for better instances, with a little more freedom for users.

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