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Is this a Sneako alt or just to mock him?

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Hi sneako

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Mate, let me answer your questions in the order asked as best I can:

Just the one, but it's my favourite.
It might be a lot of things, but I don't think it's gay.
There's a lot of good looking people I don't fuck, and they don't even have to be family for me not to. There must be another option. I don't think misery or degeneracy are the only two options you have.
Even in the worst case, you could always pay to have sex. Sure, it's not a great option either, but if we pretend the only options were a hooker or someone you're related to, I'd have to lean pretty heavily towards the hooker.
I don't know about fair, but I don't think either of those options are good.

You can do it, Sneako! I believe in you! Get your dick wet in a way that wouldn't make your ancestors weep with shame!

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Going against cousin fucking was a Vatican plot to subvert the clans and lead to the greatest tech advancements ever seen on earth which has leads towards our total enslavement. So I guess its a wash?