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I was a mover for damn near 20 years.... Don't think I ever took a shit in anyone's bathroom. Do that before I show up for the job.... Would ask to take a leak though... And if there was any sprinkle I cleaned it up. So yeah it would bother me too.

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Thank you! Like I explained before, he didn't ask, I just cleaned the old bathroom before leaving and left cleaning powder in the bowl so it'd be nice and stainless (I didn't even use it myself the night before; I went down to the convenience store to pee instead of my own toilet), he did that shit (literally) twice defiling my new bathroom before even I got to use it, and he's one of those nasty fuckers that never wash their hands. This was now yesterday and I'm still fucking pissed off about it.

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Fun fact, in the film industry movers are called "humpers".

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Rare seeing a good acting blue collar worker on the internet.... it's all a bunch of chronically online junkies. Made my day :)

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Did it for a summer. I'd be annoyed, little grossed out, but not say anything. Depending how bad he blew it up, might affect the tip. But overall I'd chalk it up to the guy wasn't feeling well and better in the toilet than the foyer while moving my couch.

That said, OP sounds like a germophobe to a weird degree.

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Your movers are touching just about all of your shit and you’re worried about them taking one in your home? Grow up and act like an adult.

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Yes. I gave him permission to enter my house, not use my bathroom. If he asked for permission I would have given him (I have a guest's bathroom) however since he used it without permission that is bad etiquette and I would never use his services again.

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Thank you. Like I said, he just didn't piss in there without asking, he ruined the cleaning I did of the old bathroom before I left, then fucked up my new bathroom before I even got to unpack and took a giant shit in the toilet. There wasn't even soap in there yet because I didn't have time to unpack anything. He didn't speak English, but he also made no attempts to even ask. He just fucking walked in there like I'd be okay with some stranger fucking up my bathroom... Twice.

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It's fine.

We should be past the time when the help were made to use servants facilities only.

He should clean up after himself though, that's a personal failing.

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Why did you have a filthy foreigner in your place? Are they non-White? Do you not ha e any friends nor family to help you move?

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I would bother if he did not leave the bathroom the way he found it and would make a point depending on how bad it is.

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If you are pissing on your own dick then you definitely have a problem. Maybe a good hole realignment would help?

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  1. It doesn't apply to me.
  2. Splashback.
  3. Foreskin.
  4. You're still touching your dick; then potentially other people's property. Might as well smear your cock on the doorknob and skip a step or two.
  5. Would you be okay with your chef, cook, or waiter using the toilet and not washing their hands?
  6. I can't respect any adult who's that fucking nasty. Unless they only never-washed in their own property. Otherwise, second-hand handjobs or smearing your piss or shit onto other people's property are beyond fucked-up. Not saying you're arguing it's okay to not wash your hands, but you might be implying it.