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That’s literal Fascism.

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No, it's literal Liberalism.

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The concept of a fascist government began in the early 20th century in Italy. Italy did not specifically label its government model as fascist—in Italy, it was known as "corporatism". Americans have been taught that the effect of fascism is fascism. They are not taught to understand the structure of a corporatist (fascist) form of government, also known as corporate fascism.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. We are taught Nazism is Fascism. And that republicans are fascism. And we are not taught history in schools.

To make matters worse, corporatism, aka fascism, sounds good on paper and when idiots like you espouse such nonsense.

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Our lives would be immensely worse with unanswerable corps that want profit above all else. Think censorship and surveillance the likes of which we never experienced in the US. Inalienable rights we have fought to protect would be ignored and dissent brutally crushed in favor of profit. Nihilism would reign in order to make more money for the corporate tyrants. Environmental and workplace protections would cease to exist. Employment would be dangled on a stick. Act, speak, and think as the corporations dictate.

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tf we already have mass censorship and surveillance nigga

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If everyone voted for someone who wasn't one of the third parties?

For example if everyone voted for Alienhunter as a write in candidate, Alienhunter would win, then declare themselves dictator and get rid of voting forever since it is so useless. It is merely an obstacle towards the people's true happiness, which can only be found through involuntary labor schemes building giant monuments to Alienhunter.

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Cope. Believing that you can at least mitigate the damage done by voting the least worst candidate.

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Because Super PACs, advertisers, and wealthy donors say so.

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How is a state run by corporations an impediment to the influence of feminists when we have a state run by corporations and the only thing you recognize of it is the influence of feminists?

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feminists pass laws through legislatures not boards with the power of their whipped simps bro

the effect of women in corporate decisions would be zero without state interference

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Because all the people around us behave like it does, we pretend it does. Ever heard of the E,peroration Ne2 Robes?

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It doesn't. But once people realize they're living in a dystopia, they revolt and revolution happens. They key is to make sure they never realize that. Corporations are no better than politicians, though.

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Placebo buttons give the illusion of doing something when they are purposefully disconnected from whatever function they're supposed to bee operating. Elections are placebo buttons for the masses. We pretend they matter because propagandists tell us they matter. What crazy, tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theory nut case is going to dare question the bulletproof credibility of patriotic propaganda?

Honestly, have they ever let us down before? Why would they start now? (??!???!??)!

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This is the sort of thing the uniparty want you to think. You have fallen victim to propaganda from people who are against your interests.

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Demoralization's desired outcome is to erode your confidence in our institutions like voting so that you stay home and don't vote. Vote while you still can - vote for the least worst candidate, but vote.

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I think voting still matters, but politics doesn't. What's the real difference between the two parties in the US? They're two sides of the same coin and have been for a while.