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Create a sub here and post. I would read them.

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Same here

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Well, the Recycle Bin on your computer is normally near the top, left hand corner of your desktop...

... I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I don't know of any subs here that are specifically about horror stories. You could start one! Or s/whatever is for whatever the fuck you want. I find most people use it as a general hub. Can't promise you that you'll get the specific traction you want, but someone will see it.

Alternatively, what's stopping you from putting a bunch together and sending them to a publisher? Do you have to pay them to read your stuff? I guess you might do.

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Whew. You had me worried there for a sec. Lol. Been dumping a lot of my written crap that didn't go thru funny enough. It was stuff from years ago and was low quality. Right now, I'm trying to create newer works.

Been thinking about trying other publishers, but most of them reject the papers, and it's not because my work is necessarily terrible, it's just that they don't have time to let me in. Self-publishing could be an option at some point in time. I didn't know that there were any options here on, but I guess I could give it a shot.

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Worse case? Nobody reads it and nobody cares... In which case, it's the same as not posting it.

... Well, actually, I guess the worse case is they read it, don't like it and call you mean names. That just requires some desensitization therapy! HEY! u/Gravi ! Get in here and call this guy some mean names!!

As for publishers? Yeah, that'll happen. I'm guessing the market for a collection of very short horror stories is much smaller than the market for a Game Of Thrones style epic 7 book horror story series. Could be you start a sub here for horror stories, find one or two people who write them as well, then get together and print your own book. Might be great... Might be shit. Maybe you become a millionaire and I'm all like: "Wow! u/VIEWSITE46!? No way, for real!? The REAL u/VIEWSITE46!? Man, I love your movies!"

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Who dares to summon the ancient one?

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Oh Gravi, I call upon thee to unleash verbal fury on this new user! I bring you this offering of cheeses and dips, but no crackers.

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No crackers?!!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! HOW DARETH THEE?!

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Yes, great one! Use this rage at mild inconvenience to destroy u/VIEWSITE46!... Verbally!

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That's definitely an idea worth checking. Yeah, people will act like dicks in the comments, but I guess that's expected. Like I said, self-publishing is usually the way to go since most trad publishers will ignore you. It's marketing and advertising fees for the work that costs someone a fortune

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I would check out Its a cool website, I submitted a short story there and its a good rabbit hole to go down

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Whenever I submit something to, it usually gets rejected. Yes, I did have some of my papers proofread, but the competition for story submissions is just too high. Submitting work to traditional publishers is also difficult because of the high competition.

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There's /s/fanfiction and /s/Writing but those are not exclusive to horror. Probably the best alternatives. There's /s/horror but it's not exclusive to writing. You could create a new one, it may take a while to gain traction, but still worth it having the option on here.

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u/VIEWSITE46, this guy's got you! My instinct is s/horror.

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I created a sub /s/WritingPrompts
Feel free to start your story there.
I hoped to attract more writers.

Or/and you can create a /nosleep sub

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That sounds awesome