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If you want Saidit to have a chance, all you need to do is post stuff you want to see.

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Our unpopularity and obscurity is our cloak of protection.

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You seriously think the useless, soy pieces of shit that make up the miserable Reddit userbase have anything to do with the CIA? Redditors are legit some of the only people on Earth I wouldn't feel the least bit sympathy for it they were tortured and murdered by terrorists. Redditors and Reddit Mods are literally some of the worst, most miserable, hateful, vile, EVIL people on the entire internet. Wokeness will do that to you.

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Dude, where as I agree with most of your comment, I think you really need to chill out. Have you tried weed?

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These people once tried to "cancel" and dox me before. And it was over literally nothing; I hadn't said or done anything to invoke such ire. They think anyone who voted for Trump, or dislikes Progressivism/woke culture, could potentially be "unpure" and thus is worthy of life ruination.

I asked a question in a job posting subreddit and one of the mods did this out of the blue, pulling up "dirt" on me from the past, like 10+ months prior to the time of the question which was the most recent stuff they could find, and it was about how I supported Trump, was against mandatory vaccines, and hated feminism, therefore, shouldn't be hired at any workplace and needed to be "exposed to the public." This was followed by two more mods dogpiling on all the shit-talk, blatantly breaking their own sub's rules about name-calling and harassment, and they promptly banned me from the sub so I couldn't even defend their bullshit lies and accusations, as they did all of this overnight while I was sleeping.

Their implication was "anyone who could vote for Trump, be against forced vaccinations, or be remotely right-leaning was a danger to the public and needed to be exposed or in prison." I'm not even conservative/Republican, for what it matters, and I hadn't said anything extreme in the slightest (I'm way more honest on this site than I ever was on Reddit.) That's why they tried to dox me unprovoked. Luckily, their info they tried to expose me with was wrong because I don't make too many mistakes online.

Reddit mods are legitimate psychopaths, even if most people never have to almost be doxxed to find out. I don't take back anything I said about them. Fuck all of 'em!

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I had a similar experience. Actually 5 of them.

The favorite one was I had my main account banned from /r/pics for saying that Kanye's anti-semetic rant might be better diffused by actually engaging and explaining the huge difference between Hollywood being run by a disproportionate amount of Jewish people and being run by THE Jews. I felt that censoring would only reinforce the idea of a conspiracy whereas engaging would most likely diffuse some people, albeit probably not Kanye himself.

Anyways, not only was I banned from /r/pics, but the mod proceeded to call me and antisemite and bigot, then silenced me from appealing to any of the mod team. After which he continued to harass me for months.

Eventually I forgot about my ban and posted a response to another post, something inane like "nice picture, I like the composition in the bottom third" or something like that, BOOM site ban.

I didn't even vote for Trump. I am liberal (not left, big difference these days) and no major candidate reflected my political philosophy.

So I get it. It's just that it's not worth the energy, for me at least.

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I had a similar experience. Actually 5 of them.

That sucks. Sorry that happened to you, dude. Yeah, I fucking hate those assholes over there. They'd be worth a night in jail to literally beat the shit out of in real life. As in, to punch them until they involuntarily defecate their pants. You're more at-peace than I am. Either way, they're not smart or coordinated enough to be working with the CIA; not that the CIA is always intelligent or coordinated.

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Agreed with you their. They are a bunch of self righteous, gender bending neck beards.

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I don't think he's radical enough, personally. Maybe eventually he'll describe just how he'd like to see redditors tortured to death.

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I would! I hear skinning and quartering the useful idiots would send a message, but I magine things would have to get particularly bad for someone to even bother.

The inspiration came from the many videos from the many countries they advocate to have savages strategically placed throughout the US, I figure once they import the third world they will get it in much the same way Ca and Ny fell

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Keep this place small so jews do not succumb to subverting it and turning it into reddit 2.0 the same way they destroyed digg and every other social media haven that was once woketivism free

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You’re too late to the party bro. The sub is inundated with feds.