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farmers including ranchers


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    yep and not just kids

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      Pretty much any engineer. Civil, mechanical, electrical, transportation, hydro, all of it. They make and maintain modern society.

      Also the construction and factory workers that actually build the stuff.

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      The guys who pave the roads. I complain about the traffic jams every year, but there'd be no traffic without these guys sweating and breaking their backs to keep the world moving.

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      Sanitation. (Garbage men). This cannot be understated, modern materialist people collect massive quantities of unwanted refuse.

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      Linesmen (People who fix the hydro lines) and snow plow operators. They are right up there with truck drivers and farmers. Often these guys are out there on the shittiest of nights during storms.

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      No one said truck drivers yet. All the engineers could die tomorrow, we'd make it. No more truck drivers, society would grind to a fucking halt. Edit: okay, I guess a couple people mentioned transportation.

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      Yes, I suppose they are important too. Never really thought about them before.

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      DEI Administrators

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      I don't know how essential it is but I would like to thank all the clandestine workers who keep the jackboot firmly on the necks of everyone who would challenge the status quo. If people were allowed to have 30 hour work weeks while earning a fair wage too many would take up hobbies that would lead to technological advancement. Progress would be too fast to adapt to. Predatory industries would collapse. Life expectancy would skyrocket. Life as we know it would be over.

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      I don't know how essential it is but I would like to thank all the clandestine workers who keep the jackboot firmly on the necks of everyone who would challenge the status quo.

      So, politicians and evil billionaires, then?

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      In short you are saying that physical laborers should be paid more. And are in fact not asking a Question.

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      Don't put words into my mouth with this presumptuous Redditor bullshit, please. The question is as stated.

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      Don't put words into my mouth with this presumptuous Redditor bullshit, please. The question is as stated.

      OK. The answer is, those laborers you mentioned, and the gratitude you claim they deserve. But not those other bad men you claim are undeserving.

      Now I have a question! Please answer the question is as stated. Did it read well, seeing your own thought coming back to you from my keyboard?

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      If you really think I'm going to waste more time with a pretentious soy faggot dripping in male feminism who reminds me of Adam Conover instead of just blocking you literally after typing this, then you really are a Redditor. It's funny how powerful the smug BO comes across even on the internet, as if they think people are entitled to pay attention to them...

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      If you block me. I can just control the narrative without you ever even noticing. I will be talking shit about you directly in your face, and you won't even realize it. As you will have chosen to create your own Reddit style echo chamber.

      You really aren't understanding yourself here are you?

      Anyways. I'm just going to assume that you are visualizing me as gay, because you are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But it's weird and socially inappropriate. And you should keep that kind of talk to yourself.

      a pretentious soy faggot dripping in male feminism who reminds me of Adam Conover

      This is fan fic porn novel levels of weird. Stop. Please stop. It's fucking text, how are you visualizing all of that from text? And why do you even know who that guy is?

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      Food, shelter, transportation, entertainment & clothing. Everyone else is just scamming.

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      Police exists to make sure the politicians aren't murdered in broad daylight.

      I think all the jobs you mention could better be done by machines. So, in a way all those people are just standing in the way of progress. Take garbage collection, which could be implemented with underground conveyor belts or automated trucks using guided rails. This is technology that was possible 40 years ago, but is still being done by humans.

      Farmers hardly know what they are doing in my experience.

      I think 99.9+% of all people are a waste of the oxygen they consume.

      UWB-technology would be useful to me for civilian purposes, but it's basically considered a military technology. UWB would eliminate entire job categories, if it would be widespread.

      Commercial truck drivers do a thankless job that won't exist anymore in 15 years, if the right laws are passed.

      Grocers don't exist anymore; supermarkets are still a thing, but given sufficient time they will likely become a thing of the past too.

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      You don't think supermarkets will exist in the future? What will be in their place?

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      14 years ago its replacement was created: Some parts of the concept need to be refined, but ultimately the only thing in their way is old people that need to die first. The future is already here, but it's just not equally distributed.

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      Online groceries are fine when it comes to packaged goods, but with fresh food, especially produce, I would want to pick it out myself to make sure it's ripe and I'm getting what I want. There's also last minute shopping, like I've been in the middle of cooking something and realized I'm missing an ingredient and had to run out. Or even just if you don't know what you want for dinner today and so go to the store and browse until you find what you want, or if you decide you want something spur of the moment. Online shopping has its place, but I don't think grocery stores will ever be phased out.

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      The only reason why you want to pick it out yourself is that you do not trust the supermarket not to distribute rotten fruit. I also don't trust them, no worries. The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not an apparatus can be designed to grade fruit cheaply (the answer is yes), which means that all it takes is for one company to stop lying about the quality of their fruit (a typical approach is to place one piece of worthless fruit in a bag with ten items (humanity disgusts me)).

      I hate having to "select fruit", because it's something the supermarket should have been doing for me in a modern country, but apparently they still elect to have a hostile relationship with their customers.

      The missing ingredient aspect also won't happen in the future, because you would have a robot kitchen with an API to some supermarket. Even then a single ingredient would be delivered via drone. Really, it's just a dying business, but it just depends on how well it is implemented and what the local laws are regarding autonomous driving, etc. The technology isn't the problem; it's just politics holding back technology.

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      Fruit has a lot of natural variation even when it's not rotten. I would still rather pick what I get myself. Same with cuts of meat, even if it's graded correctly there is still variation. Having drones buzzing all over delivering single ingredients would be annoying as fuck. I wouldn't want a robot kitchen either, technology is nice but I don't want to be connected to the internet for every aspect of my life.

      Overall I can see not liking grocery shopping, but some people would rather go out and see things in person and walk around getting it themselves. I would absolutely hate it if I had to order everything I ate online. It's good to have online shopping be an option also for those who feel differently or don't have the time for it, but I don't think grocery stores will ever disappear regardless of what happens with technology.

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      I think I don't even want to eat anymore; just beaming the personalized nutrients into my blood (based on indicators) seems like an adequate solution as long as it is a healthy solution (doing it naively might result in stomach not working anymore).

      I wouldn't mind an "upgrade" where I would run on solar energy and didn't need to consume food in the first place anymore. I understand that these would take longer than 15 years to happen, but ultimately, depending on supermarket logistics is a human weakness.

      The only reason to go to a supermarket is when you are too poor to have a professional chef produce the food for you. Why would anyone want to prepare their own food?

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      Lol I guess that explains why we feel differently about it then since I enjoy cooking. Sometimes if I'm busy it's a necessary chore, but other times it's more of a hobby. I think it's fun to try new recipes and to see and taste how I've improved over time, and to make other people happy by serving them good food that I made.

      Being able to get calories beamed into your body would definitely be more convenient though for people who don't want to bother with it, and it would be helpful for people who have trouble controlling their weight also

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      I am just depressed to the point that I can't imagine anyone ever enjoying anything anymore.

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      That really sucks. I was severely depressed for a long time also and am gonna have to be on meds for life to stay normal. I know pills aren't the answer for everyone though, I hope you find what works for you and start feeling better

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      our most basic needs (aside from air and water) are food, shelter and clothing. two additional categories of "basic needs" would include communications and entertainment.

      to provide for the above "needs" creates a community that is completely in harmony.

      unofficially, and entirely off the books or records, is the recruitment of asassins and doers of other evil deeds. Of course these jobs are handled on the down low.

      i got some weed yesterday.

      ~Mein Kampf

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      God. For inventing the universe and keeping it operating.