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Russian women are hot, but have shitty personalities and are extremely negative and angry all the time. In a way, they're almost as bad as North American women.

Ukrainian women are tall and anorexic, if you're into that. Same with Polish, Czech, and Moldovan women. They start out nice, then become more and more entitled and "Western" over time.

Other east European women are usually six foot tall, hot farmer girls who age like milk in the summer after they turn 30. They go from looking 22 to 50, overnight. Just look at their mothers to see how they'll end up.

French women are filthy, don't shave, and have terrible hygiene. The young ones (under 30) are now all that, plus feminists, so avoid them like Corona. Some may look hot, but that all still applies.

Most women from modern English-speaking Western countries (US, Canada, England, Australia, Ireland, etc.) are shitty Liberal feminist types, and often aren't even physically attractive. American women are the worst in the world (I say this as an American working in South Korea) with Canadian and British women basically being the same thing. The ones who are good come from small towns, but because they're actually quality women, are rarely ever single past high school.

Scandinavian/Netherlands women are almost just as bad as American women; leftist as fuck. They're also giants usually being at least 5'10" (178 cm) and won't give you the time of day if you're less than 6'3" (190 cm.) But they're feminists, and like feminists, are hypocritical shitstains who say "don't body shame women, but you need to be tall enough to dunk." So fucking avoid Scandinavian and Dutch women. Most Western European women, like Germans, are basically woke retards now. Italy and Spain might be the exceptions.

Korean women are often pretty, but EXTREMELY boring and usually gold diggers. You could argue that's southeast Asian women in general; Japanese and Chinese women are similar.

Filipina women are pretty damn chill and easy to talk to or be friends with, but are rarely ever that attractive looking, or taller than 5'4". If you don't mind the upper-limit being a 5 in looks, then Filipina girls are pretty awesome and make great partners. Just avoid the trannies.

Indian women are usually short, Plain Janes, but because so many Indian men are incels and rapists, Indian women tend to have some of the best personalities towards normal guys. Intelligent, hard working, traditional, loyal, and so on. Most will just not be above a 5 in looks, typically being 5'4" with average-chubby bodies and glasses, looking like Velma. But they have good hearts.

Middle Eastern/Arab women are going to be Muslim. So they're an automatic "no." I mean, unless you like beating women and having them eat out of a bowl on the floor like a dog. Then I guess you'd like having an Arab woman as your pet. Otherwise, no. A non-Muslim Arab woman would be a mystery though, assuming they even exist.

Caribbean women are often hot from spending all their time on beaches, like Rihanna. But they're also often retarded with loose and poor morals; like Rihanna. Wouldn't recommend for anything other than a Smash and Pass.

I didn't mention sub-Saharan African women for a reason. But I will say white South African women are crazy as fuck! Avoid! It's like an entire country of meth-heads! I've met white South African women; literally none of them are sane or normal.

A surprising number of Mexican women are hot. Salma Hayek types who're short with giant asses. But more and more are starting to become radicalized by shitty Western values and loser simps inflating their egos on Instagram.

Venezuelan and Columbian women are the hottest women on the planet. It's just a fact; I'm not promoting the countries or anything. It's just a shame those countries are such extreme shitholes, it's not worth going there just to find one. If you can get a Venezuelan or Columbian woman under 33 to move to your home country, though? Then hell yeah.

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Holy shit, this is a font of information. Sounds like the winner-takes-all is in Latin America. Would Argentina qualify?

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I don't know much about Argentinean (or Chilean) women, but they're probably good. Some Brazilian women are good, but a lot of them are shady cause of the whole drug trade down there.

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Hybrid vigour

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Plus, there are no men of dating age left alive, so if you have two legs and a heartbeat, you've got a chance.

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    Sooner than that, really. (Most) Women's looks peak at 24 and drop completely by 33. So really, "all these women stop being 'attractive' past 30."

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    How so after that age? Which ethnic woman on earth would you choose?