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Your classification of tall and short... Man, there's not much between the line there, eh? You're either Tall or Short, no average height people?

I'm short, by this measure... And by many measures, like morality and self control.

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Mediocrity/worthlessness counts as short. But I did put a "Neither Tall Nor Short" option anyway.

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You did, and as I pointed out, there's not much between the line - 1 inch, in fact. Despite what she tells you, 1 inch isn't a lot.

I think, if you wanted to simply say: "Are you tall? If not you're worthless", you might have been better to phrase the question as: "Are you tall or not? - I consider 'Tall' to be 6'1 or above.". Otherwise you make the mistake of acting like there's only tall and short. It's like asking: "Are you young or old?"... Those aren't the only two options. We have young adults, adults, middle aged people, etc.

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You're not worthless if you're short. You're only worthless if you consider yourself mediocre/common/disposable/replaceable. And it's not what "I" consider tall; cause personally, I don't think men are tall until they're at least 6'3", minimum. I'm going by the Global Scientific Human Standard. As in, what human beings are genetically supposed to be, which for adult men is 6'0.5", or 184 cm. (You can blame the agricultural age of 5,000 BC and modern obesity for shrinking humans down to the midgets they are now, that they still haven't recovered from.) Because what the median is per country, is 1) meaningless, and 2) irrelevant, because no one should strive to be worthless and replaceable human beings.

Most human beings on planet Earth right now - 80% specifically - have shit health and genetics, and that's including First World countries like the US. Pretty much, only The Netherlands and Northern Europe have genetically healthy human beings right now. But explaining all of this would've been irrelevant for most people, so I didn't.

I just forgot a lot of people only go by the "tall for my country" metrics, which I hate. Just because the "average" American male is overweight by BMI metrics doesn't make being 250 pounds "normal and healthy." Just because the "average" person working in Los Angeles/Hollywood is a backstabbing, lying, phony piece of crap, doesn't make it an acceptable set of traits someone should be proud of.

"Average" (worthlessness) is something no one should ever strive to be or be content with. But then again, I'm not that, so maybe that's why I feel that way. People never really stop to think about the life of the cow, chicken, or pig they're eating at the fast food joint and how that cow or chicken or pig was a living breathing creature (you could even say "one that God created" if you're religious.) Yet for some reason, these same wage-slave, weed-smoking losers think they're "special" while wasting away their lives doing nothing, helping no one, and taking up room, resources, and oxygen while intelligent and hard working people pick up their slack. Human beings were meant to be more than worthless flesh bags; even when it comes to something like their physical prowess and genetic potential, so I'm not going to pretend five-foot-eleven on an adult male ain't absolute dogshit, shit-tier failure of human DNA when even teenage girls are that height or taller nowadays. Some people are fine being human Big Macs; I'm not.

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You have a lot of numbers there, but they smell a little odd... Like they were pulled out of an arse. I'd be interested to see this "Global Scientific Human Standard" that tells you humans are genetically intended to be 6 feet, half an inch. I'd also be curious where this rather exact number of 80% of humanity having bad health and genetics, and curious what counts as "Bad genetics". Does that mean anyone with, say, a gene mutation that doesn't serve a specific purpose is "Bad"?

In short, pun intended, I think you have some confused ideas. Somehow you went from "Average height should also be a metric" to:

Mediocrity/worthlessness counts as short


You're not worthless if you're short. You're only worthless if you consider yourself mediocre/common/disposable/replaceable.

I think this train of thought suggests where your issue might be. You'll be happy to hear there is an average height for each country, and it's okay if you're in that. :) It's also okay if you're under or over it. You're going to be okay. Don't strain your neck looking up at people who are tall all the time.

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I'd be interested to see this "Global Scientific Human Standard" that tells you humans are genetically intended to be 6 feet, half an inch.

While on mobile, this is the best I can give you on such short notice (pun not intended.)

I was going to link it before when talking about the agricultural age and modern sedentary lifestyles shrinking humanity (and modern medicine not doing enough to balance out the shortness), but I hate doing the multiple-tabs shit on my phone.

Mediocrity/worthlessness counts as short

Those heights as defined by other people, I mean. To me, 5'9"/5'10"/5'11" is SHORT AS FUCK. "Little girl status," and I mean that un-jokingly. Go to The Netherlands; you'll see 13 year old girls who are regularly 5'10"/5'11". That's legitimately tiny as fuck on an adult man, in my opinion (and I am the latter height; so I should know. Most men I've ever known were taller than me.)

So yeah, if we go by other people's idea of mediocrity in height, then under the scale I used, it'd count as short. (Cause it is.) Anything under six feet is also short/tiny/baby status on men, in my opinion. That's like Joe Rogan or Ben Shapiro level, right? 5'11" is awesome on a woman, though.

But as I also said, being short may make you less valuable in society's superficial eyes (especially among women,) but it doesn't mean you can't strive to do great things and be an amazing scientist, doctor, engineer, etc. You'll probably just be alone and sexless your entire life. (Or best case scenario, a simp/pay-pig to a woman who doesn't really love you or respect you as a "real man," but you pay all her bills.) That's okay though, cause modern dating sucks anyway. But it's still going to be your fate, most likely.

You're only worthless if you consider yourself mediocre/common/disposable/replaceable.

Mediocrity is mostly a train of thought and I don't apologize for any of my thoughts on it. Fuck useless people. The world is overpopulated, as it is. Everyone has the potential to be great in at-least one thing, so I don't support people being useless at everything in society and being "proud" to be a replaceable flesh bag more worthless (if not detrimental) to the planet than the burger they're eating. Fuck being a human parasite and fuck mediocrity. I abhor it, even in height. If you're short, you should be training to be extra awesome.

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Short notice... Ayyyeee!

A good video, but it doesn't actually say what you said. It doesn't mention a natural, general, "Global Scientific Human Standard" of 6 feet, half an inch. Did you take that away from the fact that it mentioned that some of our ancestors got that tall on average? Because the take away from that isn't "That's where we all are meant to be", the take away should be: "We don't know enough about the genetics of people to understand all of where height comes from, genetically, but environment and diet make up a large factor, and for those ancestors, the diet and environment were such that they ended up at 6 feetish."

Which makes sense, given they were fresh onto a mostly protein diet, most of the time outside eating that being getting it.

As defined by other people.

I don't think that's the case. I think you'll find most people judge "Tall" and "Short" based on the current average, and while there are certainly people who think short people are worthless, I don't think that's the majority at all. It's true to say that people who are above average in height... Heck, in any way... Get life a little easier, but we see evidence all the time that, despite this natural instinct to value a tall, better looking, stronger, smarter person, people who don't have all those traits succeed by compensating with other talents.

Not everyone can. I'm not gonna look you in the eye and lie and say: "If you're short, it'll be just as easy as if you're tall, and all short people have a talent that compensates for being short"... Not even fucking close, right? Some people just get the... Short end of the stick, if you will? :D

This is a train of thought and I don't apologize for any of it. Fuck useless people.

I wasn't suggesting that you revoke pragmatic thinking or valuing people by their value. If you'd asked, and you didn't, I'd say that idea should be tempered with empathy, but otherwise I don't think that's unreasonable - stupid people who drain everything from around them just to keep themselves going to drain more are a waste of space.

What I meant was that your train of thought meandered back and forth from saying that being worthless and being short went hand in hand, and then that being short didn't mean you were worthless. It hinted to me that maybe your mind was focused on the pain of being short, regardless of how you felt you arrived at that pain. You get me? Like if I felt that having a third nipple was causing me all my life woes, but someone suggested it wasn't that, and as a result I changed my thinking on the spot to ensure that I continued to have that as the reason for my failure.

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What I meant was that your train of thought meandered back and forth from saying that being worthless and being short went hand in hand, and then that being short didn't mean you were worthless.

Yeah, I probably wasn't that clear. I apologize. Being short makes you 'socially worthless' in the eyes of our greater (Western) superficial society (and I personally have all the baggage to back that one up.) But it doesn't define your character or your accomplishments in life. Just means people are going to think lesser of you and give you less opportunities, which sucks but is also "the norm." Same thing happens to ugly people, poor people, physically unfit people, etc. (which are also all "the norm.")

However, to me, the only thing that makes you 'lesser of a person' is choosing to be a selfish parasite who does nothing to better humanity; not even anything to better yourself. I hate that. Everyone can be exceptional in at least one thing, whether it be mental, spiritual, or physical. But (*most) people often choose not to; just to meander through life while others pick up their slack.

*depending on one's perspective

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I see, I get ya.
I don't know that I totally agree, but I can easily see how someone would feel that way. Like I said, it's certainly true that being short, the same as being ugly or being stupid, makes like instantly X% harder - There are lots of things that make a person less desirable that means it's harder to drag yourself onto the playing field and get noticed. I know the more life throws that in your face, the more it can seem like everyone is noticing only those negative traits... And I make no mistake of it, there are some people who only see those negative traits.

I'm more lenient than you when it comes to people: I don't need someone to better humanity, just not actively make it worse. I won't begrudge someone just doing their share of the work, then wanting to just be left alone. I do begrudge people who think that the bare minimum isn't for them and decide it's easier to steal, lie, cheat, etc.

Those people are "Short" ;)

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I would say, a tall man is 5'10 plus. Average 5'7-5'9. 5'6 and under short.

The obsession with height is really holding you back and you're not even short.

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Neither. I'm just right.

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Neither Tall Nor Short Man: 6'0"/183-184 cm.

a rather badly selected middle

how about 1/3rd of the population and it being a range ?