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sex? With 3d women? Gross

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Man you're pretty!

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I feel like it's a moral obligation to make it Anita Sarkeesian. Imagine how much more relaxed and happy she would be and how she would never have become so pent up and confused and frustrated that she thought she needed to ruin video games and movies for everyone. It's not that I want to... I'd sure as hell be picturing some other women from history the whole time, and I suspect I'd need to put something sweet smelling under my nostrils to make it through the whole thing... But picture her going from angry, directionless, hate filled, hopeless, purposeless victim hunter, desperately trying to find something or someone to blame for how empty she feels, lashing out at the world for money, not caring that she's ruining joy... To just happy, satisfied, calm, smiling, warm girl full of joy and hope for tomorrow, not jumping at shadows or urgently racing around trying to find something to point the finger at for her failure in life, grifting off the confused idiots in the industry.

Sometimes you have to take one for the team, do the world a favour, you know? It can't always be about who I want to have sex with, sometimes it's about who I should have sex with.

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The one in the next room that I met, dated, proposed to, married, had our kids with, and am currently growing old with.

The answer should be self-explanatory.

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I would choose that guy's dead wife.