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He can pardon himself, and anyone he wants to, on any and all Federal charges.

He does not have the power to pardon anyone on state charges, so if he's convicted in Georgia, etc., then we'd have to figure out what to do. Furlough him from prison for four years, maybe? Totally untested waters, obviously.

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There has to be a governor to pardon state crimes.

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Good point.

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Unless Trump is given a pardon it would be a civil war.

President is commander and chief of the armed forces. President gives the order to the army to break him out. Army splits on that order. Civil war begins. Ends up with a military dictatorship run by the survivors.

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I'm not sure the army would split.

I get the sense that Trump has never really cultivated any loyalty at all among the top brass. Remember when he Tweeted "I am banning all trans people from the military" and the military leadership replied "Tweets are not orders" and simply didn't do it?

I think if he said "Break me out of prison," they might just say "Nah bro."

Which isn't to say that a coup is impossible. But I think a coup would probably be pretty united. The military would just unanimously say "Okay, the civilian government has totally failed and we're taking over for a while."

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Yeah, but once in power, he could turn the tables by arresting the state/local prosecutors on “Trumped-up” (pun intended) federal charges.

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He better.

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Apparently most legal experts believe that the president cannot pardon himself. But they admit there's no solid basis for such a notion.

He could absolutely pardon anyone else however. But only for past charges. The president cannot pardon future crimes.

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For future crimes you just change the law.

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He can't change any law he wants. He needs to get Congress's approval. Though I suppose executive orders override even the Constitution these days.

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No, but it's better to win on appeal than get a pardon because a pardon insinuates you were guilty but let off.

This is why Nixon was pardoned.

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He could've pardoned them before.. instead he have Fauci the medal of freedom or whatever.