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    Keep telling yourself that. Do you have any opinions of your own that werent programmed into you by the globalist media?

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    I would. He preaches heavily about the locus of internal control and would most likely advocate teach-to-fish policies that will push people toward independence from the government. It would exist in stark contrast to the current give-a-fish policies in place that are designed to rob people of their leverage by keeping them dependent on the system.

    Musk, thus far, has been firing back against woketivists and that alone is why I would give him a pass. Though there is no certainrty if that is genuine or for appearances.

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    Do you mean which one would I vote for if they were the candidates, or if I looked on my current ballot paper and saw all the normal parties, but also there was a Musk party and a Tate party, would I vote for them, or do you mean I look at my ballot and there's all the normal parties and a Musk/Tate joint party?