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Are you talking about the world, or about one specific country?

I was just watching The Devil's Plan on Netflix. It's a South Korean show. They were saying things like "He graduated with a master's in mathematics from MIT in the U.S. He's one of the world's premiere Starcraft players. He's regarded as one of South Korea's sexiest men. It's... Dong-Joo Park!""

The U.S. has a long history as a military country, where the true measure of a man was whether he could kill another man. Asia doesn't currently share that cultural facet.

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Because the cults that run the world decide what all the institutions of society teach, and the members in these cults want to corrupt society? Ever wonder why so many celebrities show occult symbols everywhere? These people tell the stories that capture the imaginations and desires of the masses. There is so much propaganda that when something is not propaganda people accuse their makers of making propaganda.

There is a reason Plato wanted to ban poets. They can engineer society.

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Because we live in Clown World. Honk honk.