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Kdenlive on Linux is free. That's my main tool for editing videos, trimming, cutting, and merging clips together.

Gimp is a free image editing program, for both Windows and Linux.

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It appears these are the good programs.

There’s always good programs to fit your needs. My best example is VLC, it’s great.

I consider these programs kind of secret, if you’re not in the know, then you don’t know.

Thank you for sharing. It appears I will be using Gimp and led live.

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Yes, like you, I also use VLC for playing videos, on both Linux and Windows machines.

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DaVinci Resolve

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Man. It won’t play in preview.

I can play the video in open shot. But the traditional preview window won’t play.

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If you don't mind a CLI interface and hard mode, ffmpeg can do that. Handbrake adds a basic GUI. Other tools add more advanced GUIs on top of that.

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I don’t understand FFmpeg.

Is that all command line?

So like I tell it where I want it cut to, where I want it merged tov?

I looked at it, it appears to pull the most quality, becuse it is the most basic. No translation errors.

Let me look into this. That is what I am doing today. Thank you for the reply.

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Yeah, so with FFMPEG you'd tell it "I want from 00:00:00.000 to 00:01:13.240 extracted as 'clip1' via 'copy' (so don't re-encode it). Then a separate command would be 'concatenate clips 1-100 together and name the output movie.mkv' There is a HUGE amount of detail. Like, you can change what default subtitles are, change default audio tracks. Copy only certain subtitles/audio tracks, insert new subtitles/audio tracks, etc. But all that commandlinefu is really hard to learn and not super well documented. You'd be shocked to learn how many commercial video editors just use ffmpeg for the actual grunt work of encoding though.

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Yes. It's easy. Video editing in general is very easy. Just time consuming. Like 5-10 minutes of editing just for one minute of actual footage. is free and probably the easiest editor to use, but many other ones are free as well.

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Thank you. Checking now.