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stretched tighter than yoga pants at a Hometown Buffet

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I think you're assigning a lot more importance to this site than the evidence would suggest.

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I do think it has a lot of importance. Don't know if Israel big, was just wondering.

It was very concerning that the big attacks happened near the US government shutdown thing though.

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Actually I think you, yes you, reading this right now, yeah I see you. YOU are personally being targeted by jewish satellites. They're slowly giving you brain cancer. But their real target? Your son's foreskin. Baby foreskins keep you young, and they make a mean snack. The only way to counteract this is to smoke as much weed as you possibly can every single day.

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^ fax

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I can't imagine any world where we're important enough for that.

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It's seriously cringe that you think your tiny qanon website is important to the world powers


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thanks for your valuable input /u/Site_rly_sux

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Can you explain why you thought hamas was waiting for cloudflare to put one tiny qanon site into bot mode before they launched their attack? Like, what was your theory?

Perhaps you thought that, thousand of years ago, the Israelites set their simchat tora holiday to coincide with the future date of a cloudflare issue?

Or perhaps you thought that the Yom Kippur war's surprise attack on October 6th 1973 was in preparation for October 6th 2023 when cloudflare would have saidit in bot mode

I think of the three, the last is most likely. The Arab states in 1973 waited until October 6th to attack, because in their mind, the future anniversary would be a time when your tiny qanon site was slowed down slightly

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Or perhaps you thought that the Yom Kippur war's surprise attack on October 6th 1973 was in preparation for October 6th 2023 when cloudflare would have saidit in bot mode


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Possible but it seems highly unlikely.

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What Israel situation? Honestly, one of the last things I'd want to think about or talk about, is Israel/Palestine or hear any bullshit why Israel is "the right one" in this conflict despite both of them being pretty shitty. And that's literally all I feel like going into this, regarding this shitshow.

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The media-influencer companies, and thex activists are now focused on a different subject.
So indeed the attacks are shifting from "Let's make saidit shit"
to "Let's murder all Muslims by blocking water and food" (for example).

It may be that some Israel groups were also involved in this.
But the recent attacks were mainly about the elections getting started.
And to get uncensored alternatives to Big Social Media off the internet.