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The idea that women are not aggressive is a fiction, they merely express it in different ways. Where men are direct, women use reputation destruction. It's a recognised psychological trait that goes deeper than mere localised cultural phenomena.

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I first read this question a few hours ago and have now decided to chip in an opinion = back in 1984 I married a perfect example of this and to top it off she was/is a religious psychotic as are her two sisters and mother now-dead. The symptoms also exist throughout her extended family clan and because I thought I could get this beauty queen (Ms CA contestant 1978) to both love and marry me I was total oblivious to all the hatred aimed at men. I was WAY too young to see it. This named SHAME is old from recent centuries (The Taming of the Shrew is a comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written between 1590 and 1592) and in fact quite a number of Bible verses written on it and the modern word that best describes it is the term "gaslighter". The very nature of females I have met all over the planet as I have traveled and have lived at length to 6 countries all starts and is based on the concept of having power. Women of the world (some cultures have much less of it) is putting down men so the female feels powerful with her so-called pussy-power. And I have found that women DO NOT CARE if they are being a total bitch or not. Same with any addiction they simply just do it not care at all if it is destructive to their own interests or not. So similar to being a drunk or druggie they will continue it right to their death. 23 years of hate I lived with married always hoping for better and knowing full well the brief periods (2-3 months at most) of peace and calm would be shattered by another attack and the worse the insult, the more the mockery and scorn, the most at shame and embarrassment cause the better. For my own ex it gave her a weapon to express her rage that she was not "getting what she deserved" and it must be the man or society at large to pay the price in revenge. Interestingly my mother also has it and also a religious whacko and I should have seen the obvious signs when dating the witch but I ignored all signs just madly desiring her butt and boob and pussy. I thought I could "make her love me" and nope. Not at all. Since divorced in 2009 I have had a number of girlfriends around the planet and each one of them had this exact same behavior to varying degrees and I did not bring that on. It is like putrid vomit in the stomach and the female has got to throw it up. And the worse they can hurt the man all the better. I suppose I could ramble on but this above is enough.

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Everybody works with the tools they got.