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Relationships build out of friendships. If you've found yourself stalking a lady, you need to grok that better.

If you've got too few friendships, then I recommend you out more time into following your other interests so that you're interacting more with like-minded people, or at least people with a common goal.

Being asexual would only help that to a certain extent. People need friendships for more than relationships that develop into sexual ones.

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I go to places to socialise with people to help with my problem with being lonley church is a good example of where I go for an attempt at making friends with others. I do focus on my interests how ever they only get me in to a position where I’m socially interacting with like minded people a small amount of the time. I’m a curious person who likes to go to the Libary a lot most people at the Libary are not willing to bring themselves in to a social interaction sometimes I get a small social interaction from others at the Libary

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That's the secret idea behind ssri drugs. They lower libido, which is the only source of depression

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Yes and some people get pssd due to it

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You are being poisoned with hormone disrupting chemicals. It is in all the food, health and beauty products, cloths, furniture, carpets, plastic container/packaging, the water, and even the air. Women are becoming depressed, anxiety ridden, and devoid of interest in sex. Men are becoming depressed, anxiety ridden, sexually frustrated, and eventually violent and irate. These are just the surface effects, both are having serious health problems such as cancers and immune disorders from this long term poisoning. BPA, microplastics, forever chemicals, fire retardants, herbicides, pesticides, RoundUp, DDT, food packaging, aluminum can liners...we are flooded with it. The vaccine seems to be impacting specifically male hormones, with their impact on igG4, too.

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Women are becoming depressed, anxiety ridden, and devoid of interest in sex.

Janice: hold my beer.