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Cloudflare apparently has different protocols for different browsers. I've experienced the same thing. Sorry it's obnoxious, the only other alternative with our zero budget is to have this place overrun by bot spam.

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This place is still overrun by bot spam even with Cloudflare.
The solution to bot spam is to keep only a handful of subs that are actively moderated.
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."
e.g. This bot managed to post spam to comment/replies - even with Cloudflare on.

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Because it is run by leftists and cloud flair uses your browser history to profile you and target you for wrongthink.

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Because we are monitoring you

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cloudflare ruins the site it must be taken down

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Last time I looked into this I found out this shit is actually called "Cloudflare Turnstile", and it basically fingerprints your browser (and probably IP matters too):

For Turnstile, the actual act of checking a box isn’t important, it’s the background data we’re analyzing while the box is checked that matters. We find and stop bots by running a series of in-browser tests, checking browser characteristics, native browser APIs, and asking the browser to pass lightweight tests (ex: proof-of-work tests, proof-of-space tests) to prove that it’s an actual browser. (source links there)

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Firefox is very easy to fingerprint and exploit. Brave has attempted to harden its-self, even when shields are down. This is exactly what Cloudflare does; it fingerprints your browser in multiple ways and semi-exploits it to do so.

It seems to do a few main things to test.

  • categorize you based on your IP address
  • do rendering timing tests on your browser
  • track your mouse movements, requiring you to do nothing else but hover your mouse over the website, while waiting and waiting for it to refresh and take checkbox clicks over and over.
  • It breaks your browser's debugging functionality with semi-exploits.
  • It runs a Web Service in the background, so that it can execute code on your machine (inside the browser's sandbox) and make web requests even when you leave the website.
  • I haven read the privacy policy, but they are likely selling this data to data collectors, although "anonymized", whom pay companies like Oracle to de-anonymize the users. Then they can sell your account name along with your real name to companies and governments.
  • We'd likely be appalled to learn what else it is doing.

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You need to use more hardened methods for your browser. You need to make sure you are not leaking your ip address and disable java and scripts etc .... Do not run your browser in fullscreen mode and incognito doesn't do anything. Vpn using udp will have to jump through hoops to ensure you are human and also streaming services don't like it so use tcp for more security. You can route your traffic to your home where there is a vpn setup so you can bypass most all of your work restrictions as well.

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Why would you have shields down on Brave?

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If I'm having trouble with a site, I turn shields off to see if it improves. In the case of Brave, it doesn't.

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