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Autism caused by vaccines has ruined lives

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It sounds to me like you had a minor, meaningless interaction. A woman said she didn't think you'd get in with the way you were dressed, and then she danced with you and gave you a little kiss.

This kind of interaction is common and insignificant. Things like this happen on a daily basis in every bar and club in the world.

You made far, far too much of it. Somehow, based on basically nothing, you married her in your mind and then became furious that she wasn't behaving the way you wanted her to. And yet, the whole time, you were nothing to her until you became her stalker.

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Their was a side of me that believed I had a genuine connection with her I stalked her because I never took her home to get lucky that night and their was a side of me that believed I was going to get lucky. When lady’s throw themselves at guys it does not al ways mean they want you might be right it all could have been just meaningless I just wanted a serious word with her about what she wanted or meant that night I’m aware she does not want to talk to me

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It did not feel meaningless to me I was going to the nightclub looking for a lady to get with she said she loved me when she saw me that night. Having a pretty lady approaching me the way she did was pretty special to me as it was such a rare occurrence

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You don't have to share everything, mate.